Youtube’s Pickup Artists

Many of you know Dean as “Furious” from the uber popular channel “AtheneWins.” Here’s what you didn’t know: Dean spent two years living life as top notch Pick Up Artist. DEAN’S CHANNEL LINKS: ===== 2nd CHANNEL – BARTENDING CHANNEL – GOOGLE PLUS: FACEBOOK TWITTER T-SHIRT:

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24 Responses to Youtube’s Pickup Artists

  1. MarchingMac04 says:

    Why are you so defensive? This guy works on a Warcraft channel. Sorry if I made you butthurt.

  2. FroztDrake says:

    gtfo scrub

  3. elaudo says:

    Sorry, “Twinklybird’s” brother

  4. elaudo says:

    HEY! That’s Twiglybird’s brother!! Dude, shut up and put your sister on….quick!!!

  5. smashbrosfiend says:

    He sorta looks like Dirk Nowitski

  6. Kolashov says:

    WTF skyjohn ????? you in Belgium ? :D

  7. djbusdown says:


  8. csmootheyd says:


  9. tallfreak825 says:

    he kinda looks like dirk nowitzki

  10. MarchingMac04 says:

    Farm numbers? grind 10 girls a night? These are WoW terms, this guy is a nerd.

  11. dalesalsa says:

    WTF.. this is the OGFurious guy..?? I thought that OG Furious was crazy shit! wtf.. haha..

  12. rowerss says:

    ur gay for saying that

  13. Denmarkpwns says:

    do a collab with dean :)

  14. psx2514 says:

    I thought OGFurious was a fake (a character that this guy plays).

  15. MiloDaemon says:

    Because they’re funny. He’s not being serious. He has stated very clearly that his ‘gangsta’ personality requires a camera, or girls will bail. But I hope you can make the mental step between serious and not serious, the ‘OGFurious’ personality probably isn’t his actual game.

  16. IWantMyVisionBack says:

    I made the comment prior to him stating that.

  17. Dytex4 says:

    yes dumbass thats what it says in the vid

  18. ishitonallah says:

    At the start it looks like he’s jerking off under his desk lololol

  19. IWantMyVisionBack says:

    Isn’t this the guy from the AtheneWins channel?

  20. SFAddictionist says:


  21. AlphaSphere says:

    Don’t get why people like his so called pickup video’s.
    Who’s to say that he hasn’t tried 30 other girls and fail miserably. The one that stays is probably more curious about the camera and why the fuck that belgium guy is talking like a “gangsta”.
    His video’s only show him getting the attention for the girls but don’t show what’s next.

  22. Gkiller says:

    This guy fucking uses Terms like Grinding and Farming from World of Warcraft and applies that shit to real life lol epic.

  23. MMAAllegiance says:

    O.G. FURIOUS! Yeah man, longer interview would have been better, but still good none the less.

  24. Jetscloud9 says:

    “Please put in a stroke for me, and have her call my name!”..lmao

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