Your First Kiss Dating Advice

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25 Responses to Your First Kiss Dating Advice

  1. TheSilentZebra64 says:

    Thanks, good vid.
    13 with a girl in mind ;)

  2. Xx_Katie_Kat_xX says:

    Omg my first kiss is tomorrow wish me good luck!!! (I’m 13, so nervous!!!) 

  3. iceybars says:

    good advice and surprisingly funny considering girls are not usually funny

  4. Chloe Reilly says:

    ok so I talk to a lot of guys and it never goes any where because once it
    does and i have to go on a date with them I back out because ive never
    really kissed a guy like a peck but that’s it… its like a huge weight on
    my shoulders and i just turned down the nicest guy i really liked because
    of that… and im a sophomore lol so embarrassing but whatever i need help

  5. Willroberts97 says:

    I’m fucking shitting it, should I get high to ease the nerves? 

  6. Cherice Jackson says:

    How a boy like you

  7. Ashley Davidson says:

    Im 8 and I asked a girl out and she said no my friend said I messed up.

  8. ethan manning says:

    im 13 and when ever me and my crush goes out somewhere the nxt day she says
    she wanted 2 kiss me the nxt time we go out should I kiss her

  9. kevin charlton says:

    You guys help a lot 17 and just had my first kiss

  10. christine salley says:

    im scared im 11 and he so short ☻

  11. Simone Faulkner says:

    No but soon

  12. Cynthia Nguyen says:

    I’m 14 and I’m gonna have my first kiss soon and I’m really scared. What
    are some tips to make it a good first kiss? 

  13. Tianalys Tejeda says:

    Im 16 and i have not had my first kiss yet. I like this guy and he likes me
    back and he told me he wants to kiss me but im afraid im gonna make it
    super awkward or that he wont want to kiss me again cause im a bad kisser.
    What should i do?


  14. Artman408 says:

    Er muh lurd I must try.

  15. Kennedy Hardaway says:

    my first kiss was awesome it was with my bgf jj magic and everything but we
    hardly talk about it 

  16. Max Gledhill says:

    My first kiss was terrible!

  17. jakam ngreece says:

    i am 14 and i havent had kissed yet..many boys have ask me to do that , but
    i am very nervous,veryyy..i have problem with my age and this fact.. please

  18. Joshua Oh says:

    I am only 9 and I will use all my confidence to have my first kiss with my
    gf the next time I see her and make it very short but very sweet


  19. christian rayandayan says:

    Oh my glob you guys are awesome! I love you guys soo much…=))) Massive
    Thanks for this vid. :D

  20. Nunica Music Channel says:

    I have some more first kiss dating advice to give: Maybe you could download
    a long song compilation (has yet to be released) from Nisa Records, and put
    the music at FULL BLAST for a first kiss moment! So JOIN NISA and we can
    expand our free entertainment activism to confident dating activism!

  21. Amanda Gelowicz says:

    I’m in middle school and I found my perfect match and I love him and he
    just kissed me on the check today and I want to kiss him on our 2 date

  22. Sander Wolbers says:

    I didn’t, and i’m ashamed

  23. MissMinecraft98 says:

    Step 4 sorta made me less confident… I’m 14 (15 soon) and I’ve never
    kissed a guy :3 and just a few hours ago my friend msged my boyfriend and
    said that he should kiss me tomorrow and idk… (She showed me the msg she
    sent by the way) I know it sorta sounds childish and I mean he might not
    but he is the type to try something new in relationships… Haha I don’t
    even know if he’s kissed anyone before :3 What do I do girls? :)

  24. Brandon Bickford says:

    You guys give great advice and are super pretty so thanks for the advice
    and my first kiss was perfect just had yesterday 

  25. jessy95xxlol says:

    i had my first kiss she i was 18 a senior in high school it was awesome i
    actually felt those butterflies 

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