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  1. Ruth Ugochukwu says:

    How do I join the email list

  2. sammy_wild (: says:

    OMG April :( when u started crying I started crying!! Your always such a
    happy role model and it was hard to see you like that :( I’m glad
    everything’s better now :)

  3. Fatima Camp says:

    You two are so adorable! I hope that I have a husband like Justin when I’m
    older ( I’m only currently 14 by the way)! :) 

  4. angie13ox says:

    You guys are so cute!!! I’m literally diabetic just seeing how sweet you
    guys are to each other. 

  5. Shannon Guillory says:

    So happy that I discovered your channels! You both won my heart after
    watching for the very first time a few weeks ago. I’ve been married for 25
    years and can’t believe how much your relationship reminds me of my own
    marriage. In addition, April and I share the same birthday! Wishing you
    continued success and happiness! 

  6. TheDelicious1000 says:

    April you so strong!!

  7. briana nguyen says:

    Wwk: would you show PDA in front of your kids? What’s your favorite thing
    to bake/cook?

  8. TheCubanchica250 says:

    April, Justin you need to make a WWK playlist because I am going on a back
    to back viewing spree and I am sure I am not the only one lol It gets hard

  9. Hindi Fatima says:

    (Or for years) that you are open you and us could see your inner light and
    I completely agree when you say that inner beauty is the most important
    thing. This light you guys have makes mine shine brighter and brighter!
    Thank you and happy holidays! :) love you!

  10. Jovenita Lopes da Rocha says:

    I’m so sorry

  11. Christina Hanna says:

    I’m obsessed with you guys

  12. Emily Johnson says:

    I love how much justin respects your emotions and lets you know that it’s
    ok to be feeling them and not to apologize. Love you guys!

  13. Symone Webb says:

    I love how you two look at each other when you talk there is so much love
    there between you two its hard to fake that it makes me happy to know that
    a coulpe can appreciate and love each other as much as you do… stay
    positive ^_^

  14. saka231000 says:

    Hey April! You’re such a strong woman and you guys are so lucky you have
    each other, one of the best couple i’ve ever seen in my entire life, your
    relationship is absolutely unique! Actually i have a question for you
    April, i’m 26 year old girl. I had one serious relationship for almost a
    year, but we broke up about 7 months ago, i asked him for commitment and
    real relationship to start my sexual life with him, so we never done it and
    he was on and off the whole time, now he’s back and he says he knows what
    he wants, do you think it’s normal for guys to be on and off? one day he’s
    chasing me the whole day, the other day he’s busy or what but he passes by
    quickly, i’m tired of the whole thing now but i still have feelings for
    him, should i come back to him?

  15. oliviaanilsson says:

    Haha the one who was called “grattispofodelsedag” that Justin couldnt
    pronounce is in swedish and means “Happy birthday”
    Love you guys
    xoxo love from sweden <3

  16. wwnnn16 says:

    you two are hilarious! I FREAKIN LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  17. Bre Himlie says:

    I love how much you guys let us into your life! You treat each other with
    so much respect and love, it’s so inspiring!!

  18. Style ME says:

    The part about your grandpa made me said. I was so close to my grandfather
    and when he died I was so sad.

  19. Marisa Monique says:

    You guys are such an inspiration. I love you guys :)

  20. Dominique Clark says:

    You’re a trooper and an sweetheart.

  21. Iris Enna says:

    i love ur vids April

  22. Iris Enna says:

    i started crying soooo hard when u were crying

  23. elizabeth McLane says:

    I already love you april and justin, and I subscribed to all over your
    channels!! you guys are a beautiful couple!! congrats on the baby!!

  24. Arabella Poku says:

    You guys are an AMAZING couple and Justin’s vocabulary is perfect and April
    is gorgeous

  25. zuleyda2716 says:

    We r pretty similar in the kicking out part. I understand u.

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