What Women Definitely Don’t Want In A Man

More FREE Dating Advice For Shy Men at www.TooShyTooDate.com To Double Your Confidence Sign Up For The “Challenge” here www.doubleyourconfidencechallenge.com Learn to talk to women without pick up lines or scripts here www.pimpyourlingoprogram.com In this video Dating Coach Stephan Erdman explains why what women want in a guy is usually not what guys think women want. In particular why in general the idea of making a lot of effort around women you like doesn’t get the desired effect, instead creates the perception that you feel inferior to her which destroys attraction very quickly. This might make you come across as needy or even as a potential emotional burden going forward. To get all my new videos on all things confidence and dating please SUBSCRIBE by hitting the nice orange button up right on the page…and get more FREE Dating Advice For Shy Men at http What women want in a man: www.youtube.com
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Learn To Approach Women www.approachatwill.com Starting a conversation with a woman you don’t know yet can be difficult for many men. There are many ideas, strategies and tips that can help you in the process, but there are also some basic rules to obey. If you want to make sure that a girl is willing to talk to you even though she doesn’t know you you’ve got to make sure you don’t create a weird vibe at the very beginning. So the smoother you can start off a conversation with her and approach her the better. In this video you’ll learn what to avoid doing when you start a conversation with a girl. It’s super simple but I’ve had too many emails about this topic to not make this quick video. Learn to approach women without lines, routines or weird scripts www.approachatwill.com the worst way to approach a woman (1 min dating tips): www.youtube.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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49 Responses to What Women Definitely Don’t Want In A Man

  1. slackerjester says:

    Oh. Ok. Because that sounded a little bitter. Like you’re unsuccessful with women or something.

  2. SUBM4YOU says:

    LOL…No I’m not Mad. I was just saying.

  3. slackerjester says:

    You sound frustrated bro. You wanna talk about it?

  4. slackerjester says:

    You mad bro?

  5. josh2006master says:

    omg….it’s exactly what im doing..i think a mixture is actually best….because girls do like you trying but they want you to be yourself…and the kinda person i am is a trying person lol…so im trying to balance being myself because sometimes i DO try to much, so you really gotta just treat her like a good friend. it’s good advice :)

  6. RealProspection says:

    Hey Stephane im talking to a girl and i feel like im out of my comfort level because im trying to get with her, so do you have any tips for being calm and in a relaxed state? Any type of response would be greatly appreciated.

  7. MrQuagmire26 says:

    It’s definitely not all about the money. A guy doesn’t necessarely have to be rich. But being ambitious definitely are one of the attractive traits, and also going on about doing something with the ambition.

    Most women like a guy who can pay his bills and got a tidy and stable financial life. Yeah, gold diggers and lazy couch potatoes only go for rich guys. As long as a guy got a stable income, and is financially responsible its enough.

  8. Fiddleplayercowboy says:

    care about how you dress and smell…2 key elements to get women.if you look like you dont care how you look,chances are the pretty boy that you laugh at is the one thats going to get her………………..

  9. JoyceEdwards5961 says:

    Hello there! thank you for this useful video. By the way, I hear a lot of people keep on talking about relationship course known as Melterize Man’s Heart (do a search on google), but I’m not sure if it’s good. Have you thought about Melterize Man’s Heart? I have heard some incredible things about it and my work buddy finally get a positive response from her husband using it, but she refuses to tell me :(

  10. Avery Gouin says:

    Yea man, your like a love Guru.

  11. Nick Benjamin says:

    This vid is a *keeper*. Straight to the point: I couldn’t agree with you a bit more Stephan! I must say that you have very wise & legit stuff to share with all us other guys.

  12. Mop Head says:

    It’s like if Jodi Arias was a man. So true.

  13. AAAki47 says:

    absolutly truth..!!!! for the last 2 weeks i notice that the girls always finding interest in the guy that chiling and have smiling with an happy face and not trying too much

  14. SUBM4YOU says:

    I’m always myself and women are still not interested in me. Maybe it’s because I’m not 6’4″ and make 6 figures a year. Those are the most important things a woman wants from a man. An average paying job and good moral values don’t matter to women.

  15. SUBM4YOU says:

    Women are a waste of time to deal with. They don’t appreciate good men and only care for these no good men-who treat them like a poor dog.

  16. Amelia Lawrence says:

    yes, that’s true, but you shouldn’t just do ‘what you want’. Just be normal! We won’t eat you!

  17. piloooogen says:

    True but USA and UK are the sources of this shit, rest of the world is trying to catch.

  18. muxmerakos says:

    i realised it months ago, while i was 14… true story, age does not matter!

  19. Sheilah Juana says:

    Hey there! thanks a lot for this helpful video. By the way, I notice lots of people keep on talking about dating course called Sozofintao Dating Manual (just google it), but I’m not sure if it’s good. Have you ever tried Sozofintao Dating Manual? I’ve heard several amazing things about it and my mate finally get laid by hot girl using it, but he refuses to tell me :(

  20. Amir3793 says:

    stephanerdman Where were you back when I was in high school and in my first year of college?

  21. Ahmed Jaber says:

    He meant the American, dude,or buddy/friend. It’s the British one :)

  22. Sesshoumaru888 says:

    If only I heard about this earlier in my life, but it’s cool. NEVER impress women. She either likes you, either not. If she doesn’t – turn around and walk away (metaphorically speaking…did I say that right?)

  23. Drag4401 says:

    Home-run Stepho

  24. dan jonhson says:

    Thanks man, this really helped me a lot, I can some times be on the quiet side myself, but you struck a major point, being original is so important because woman wants to know and are interested in the real you, thanks again.

  25. Rasmus-Anders Kirber says:

    Right said!

  26. ulkord says:

    relax, dont do it again. easy as that

  27. JCSglobal says:


    Everyone who calls on the Name of the Lord will be saved – Ask Jesus Christ to save you, ask Jesus Christ to bless you ! Glory to JESUS CHRIST

  28. Iamasian4 says:

    so I did that to a girl that I like. What should I do how can I come back from that

  29. ken dun says:

    this is very true…i approached a girl from behind ive been exchanging glances with and she seemed kind of shocked. it wasnt akward but her friend immedialtly said “awkward” which made it more akward than it had to be

  30. MrThebigonebaby says:

    The best way to approach a girl is from behind…with a towel soaked in chloroform.

  31. DjPyro2010 says:

    The location and environment are very important. If you try to approach women at the DMV or Wal-Mart then you’re gonna have a bad time. But if you try to approach women at a house party or a beach, then things will be alot easier.

  32. likeSir says:

    I know girls have told me they hate getting hit on at the gym, but is there any way to approach someone in the gym without being sort of intrusive (to make friends)

  33. xxxEMINENTxxx says:


  34. xxxEMINENTxxx says:


  35. Jon White says:

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    Anti-Whites say there should be no White Countries
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  36. Ahmed Yasser says:

    What if it is the only way ? I like a girl in class and when class is over she walks out faster because she is closer to the door so I will have to catch up with her from behind…

  37. Darryl Smith Jr. says:

    This guy tells the truth because I tapped a girl from behind on her shoulder and she got scared and jumped which was embarrassing

  38. TheKenolaBar says:

    That works with the right kind of girl.

  39. joseph quan says:

    i am very fortunant to be able to aprouch and talk to woman wich i must say is very lucky considering i have aspergers syndrome wich maakes it hard to socialize. but woman have better understanding than men sooo. my advice is to think of them like a freind not someone you would like to make sex with. and eye contact when you look in her eyes you forget about every other part of her especially her well what makes you kinda nervous the most.

  40. CollateralRobbie says:

    Dear Stephan,
    Iam watching your videos since a long time.I liked your old videos a lot. But specially this video is giving me the feeling, that you are talking and talking, but i get the feeling, that you don’t know really what to say.I think saying: “be preciative and friendly looking at paying money in a restaurant or etc.” is good, but for that you need 30 seconds, not 8 minutes.And please stop permanently asking if things make sence.One time a video asking this question is enough.bestregards

  41. NewYorkSucks76 says:

    You learn that from trial and error?

  42. freezinglemons says:

    Hey Stephan, I was wondering what you studied in school?

  43. fredguy2 says:

    what advise do you have for women? Oh wait I forgot they don’t have to anything other then having a vagina.

  44. Janthonycox says:

    i’m gonna approach more girls from behind to prove this guy wrong eventually.

  45. Drag4401 says:

    ok, but that’s actually what i was thinking

  46. ljr123ify says:

    Can you make a video on how to not get nervous like not be a douche like I’m cool this one girl is like I girl I like(high school) and she’s not like a I wanna fuck u but more like I wanna marry u. Know what I mean she gets me hella nervous help a brother out

  47. OzzTonWentToSpace says:

    sooooooooooooooo where’s your girlfriend ?

  48. Mohamed El Mahdy says:

    you should be a cop

  49. PizzaIsGod says:

    I wish I would have seen this video four days earlier. Some girl’s money was sticking out of her back pocket. I saw it, tapped her on the shoulder (without saying anything) and then told her about it.

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