Vladimir the Pick-up Artist

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25 Responses to Vladimir the Pick-up Artist

  1. ElChingonIzzy says:

    I wouldn’t hire this guy to tie my shoelaces.

  2. HeroicHero1 says:

    Tie with white undershirt.

  3. maldoman23 says:

    I thought the same thing!..lmao

  4. penguinworm says:

    This “lost my job” stuff seems like a bad strategy. How about these PUA’s
    just get some social skills?

  5. ElChingonIzzy says:

    He’s dressed and ready to FREE PUSSY RIOT!

  6. eatmyfun says:

    46 seconds…. BOSS

  7. Penny Katana says:

    Russia!!! <3 My homie =)

  8. sSunbeamM says:

    they have the same blood :) (… kind of)

  9. TageSavage says:

    Ukrainian Sean Penn. In Ukraine, artist pick up you…(?)

  10. sSunbeamM says:

    are you brother of vitaly?

  11. andgalactus1 says:

    Who wears a tie and a Tshirt?

  12. Arcter Jones says:

    Hello Bob.

  13. Nut Head says:

    That goofball hit on my girlfriend. He kept trying to close in on her and
    really touch her. Continually inching. Fortunately she was turned off.

  14. Shadows00001 . says:

    what nature are they selling ? all they have is ice and cold

  15. Mister Jones says:

    putting up false value will get this guy no where

  16. Nat Sketches says:

    thanks for just inspiring a new drawing

  17. mattigi says:

    he looks better like this.

  18. Vince says:

    1:36 “I’m a model, you know what I mean…..and I do my little turn on the
    catwalk. On the catwalk, on the catwalk yeah, I shake my little tush on the

  19. Nat Sketches says:

    no comment :)

  20. windcrys mary says:

    pretend to be everything and yet they are nothing, cold and shallow
    specially Russian ppl, they just know they want money that’s all they know
    dosent matter how they get it. look at russia itself and u know what i mean
    they have the whole country selling their natural resources and fucking
    everything up for money no respect for nature no respect for themselfs no
    human rights nothing just money money in russia u have a wife u dont u are

  21. 0XXD says:

    Yeah I was thinking he needs to get a proper shirt because the tie just
    around his neck with no collar looks kinda stupid.

  22. Shadows00001 . says:

    xD the lost brother of Vitaly from Russia separated at birth one stayed in
    Russia and the second went to Ukraine, he came to the us to find his

  23. OralBacteria says:

    M’eh, this guy is just upwardly mobile, trying to make a better life for
    himself. Half the people in bars tell bigger lies than this.

  24. seaamy1 says:

    Somewhere Barnum & Baileys is doing a clown headcount and realizing they
    are missing one.

  25. Penny Katana says:

    Russia!!! <3 My homie =)

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