Video Response from a PUA Coach: Pickup Artists Invade Eaton’s Centre

I am a Pickup Artist Coach in Toronto . It is not what you may stereotype or think a Pick-up-artist is. Those MONSTERS! lol.. I do …
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5 Responses to Video Response from a PUA Coach: Pickup Artists Invade Eaton’s Centre

  1. TdotPickup says:

    Realistically, how many numbers or closes can you expect in say, 10
    attempts, or cold approaches.
    People have filters, or ideal attributes they look for, ethnicity,
    height,age, guys who don’t have nose hairs sticking out, guys with good
    style, some may prefer guys without glasses, some may want people in style
    with well-fitted clothing, some may want people with amazing posture.

    Are in-field footage videos essential to be a confidence and PUA coach? I
    think not. Coverage of social freedom exercises, and various free content I
    offer on our meetup group, are more than enough for
    people to get a “free sample” of the personal development habits and key
    benefits of the coaching.

    Are Pickup Artists an invasion/invading of privacy?
    Are guys hitting on girls an invasion of privacy? NO! That was a horrible
    comment the Asian guy made, invasion of privacy would be taking your name
    and adding you on Facebook magically, and looking up your address and
    paying you a visit. There is obviously some permission and based on a
    girl’s vibe and signs of interest, and flirting, a guy can choose to leave
    and move on to another girl.

    Is approaching lots of women unethical? From a scientific perspective does
    it actually help unlock guys to be fearless? Does it statistically improve
    guys chances of meeting a girlfriend or getting laid? YES(no duh).
    Ask some couple’s how they met. Through a party? Through the bus/subway.
    Just Google the couple who met through the ttc, where the guy accidently
    brushed her arm and started a conversation. How romantic, right?

  2. TdotPickup says:
    Speaking of One-Itis. Check out this image. Women keep you waiting, you get
    a flake phone number. But it becomes YOUR playing field, rather than hers
    once YOU are the one with options. Maybe, a hot, or even average girl gets
    approached by 5 guys a day. Well you approach 20 girls in a day, and get 5
    numbers. Then you get your pick of girl. Some may even flake or not show
    up. Oh well. More options right.

    I get asked a lot about how to deal with flakes and how to get a particular
    girl. Having options and having “game” helps a lot. 

  3. Tom Bousfield says:

    Fuck you’re an idiot….

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