Using Accents to Pick Up Girls PART I – Dave and Ethan

We’ve heard that American girls dig guys with accents, so we used a hidden camera to test this theory out ourselves. See for PART II of this experiment! Visit us on the web for more info! WEBSITE: FACEBOOK TWITTER: (Filmed by Dan Cohen)

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25 Responses to Using Accents to Pick Up Girls PART I – Dave and Ethan

  1. DaveAndEthan says:

    there you go!

  2. DaveAndEthan says:

    you aren’t using it properly. Ask ladies if they want to see your “wienerschnitzel”.

  3. myloveforMMA says:

    Haha thanks man, I am Spanish but I don’t look it at all. But I always break out my Spanish Lover accent, and it WORKS :) Try some Antonio Banderas it should be funny to see their reactions.

  4. Friendlessday says:

    I am a 25 year old man in America and I have a German accent and never get any women whatsoever.

  5. DaveAndEthan says:

    Thanks, Marky Mark. We can’t wait to visit you in the UK… by the way, any relation to the American Marky Mark (Wahlberg)?

  6. DaveAndEthan says:

    You is so cool.

  7. DaveAndEthan says:

    As Michael Jackson once said, “You Are Not Alone.”

  8. markymark4039 says:

    you two are v v funny and v brave. if you are ever in England i’ll take you to some pubs. i told my friend on saturday night to speak to some girls in a French accent because they would be more respectful. but he ignored me and and they gave him the cold shoulder.

  9. SpecialGuy21 says:

    The most coolest accent is the California accent in movies. It cuz I is from California.

  10. myloveforMMA says:

    I thought I was the only one who did this?

  11. DaveAndEthan says:

    Australian accents TOTALLY work. perhaps you need to watch PART II of this video!

  12. DaveAndEthan says:

    and we love YOU.

  13. DaveAndEthan says:

    vy sank you very amuch!

  14. irvineworld says:


  15. MochiNyoki says:

    LMAO I love this

  16. insanemagicguy says:

    I have an Australian accent :D does that work?

  17. sakurastar2 says:

    I’d date either of you, accent or not!

  18. kaylamorningstar says:

    @DaveAndEthan I volunteer as tribute, I feel it’s the right thing to do.

  19. DaveAndEthan says:

    @Marcusandsuch hopefully your tears have since dried…

  20. DaveAndEthan says:

    @SmiggzYh please do. and film it. and post it here.

  21. DaveAndEthan says:

    @SmiggzYh @kaylamorningstar We’re still virgins. Let’s do it for science!

  22. DaveAndEthan says:

    @Kdaawgg Russell Brand is his cousin.

  23. DaveAndEthan says:

    @doctorw2 thank you, Doctor Date.

  24. Marcusandsuch says:

    Shit.. i laughed till i cried at the last pickup xD

  25. SmiggzYh says:

    me and my freind are fantastic at accents… we need to do this.

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