The Wing Girls – Balls

The Wing Girls tell you everything you need to know about your balls and how you can get girls to suck on them. The Wing Girls is a weekly dating advice show for guys. Hosts Jet and Star give their opinions and how-to advice about relationships, sex, kissing, dating, and everything every guy wants to know about girls. New episodes every Wednesday! http ADD US ON FACEBOOK
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25 Responses to The Wing Girls – Balls

  1. 77soundwave77 says:

    hell no i dont like my balls being lick or suck,in fact ill never let the girls touch em

  2. jaredglasgow3 says:

    these girls screw up as many relationships as they help

  3. BigRex5 says:

    Guys would never make fun of such a great honor of God.

  4. WillRemainUknown says:

    How do you think girls feel when guys make fun of the vagina?

  5. Nikolais160 says:

    Balls are where sperm is produced. Girls do not like sperm?

  6. fredcyrdawsontheoran says:

    lots of things in life are offensive…deal with it…girls deal with offensive stuff all the time

  7. MultiPenguin45 says:

    Balls do not go up when u tuch our thighs we controll them hah but can i fuck both u???

  8. manlancer24 says:

    Jet suck mah balls, ill make u like it:D

  9. twirllikeatop says:

    I do too! hahaha I don’t mind them at all.

  10. misspatton1996 says:

    im a girl and i love balls!

  11. babezhott says:

    all of you shut up…

  12. NataliiaGabriela says:

    dude chill the fuck out who here is talking about children is a joke so what if girls dont like your stinki hairy wrinkily balls alot of guys hate the way vagina smells and maybe taste (what ive heard i dont know if its true) but chill

  13. QuailValleykid2011 says:

    are these girls freaks dafaq

  14. nnnnnnnnnnnn40 says:

    i want somea tht tapeoca pudding lmao

  15. randomcrapdude1234 says:

    How were they gross? I make bitches suck my balls ;)

  16. FutureUSMC12 says:

    sorry…i’ve been multi commenting alot of these videos…next time I’ll just wait till the end. But trimming? I had no idea I was doing something good. Hmm

  17. FutureUSMC12 says:

    “I don’t even want to touch them…” thank you, you just brought back a horrible memory from 3rd grade…

  18. FutureUSMC12 says:

    Fascination? I’m not fascinated by them…just have one MAJOR worry about it…

  19. AL EX says:


  20. llort100 says:

    Dip your balls in chocolate and make girl suck them.

  21. xJustForGiggles says:

    guys balls tighten up and move… They dont follow the hand. lols. 

  22. originalashloki says:

    >Shaves hair on balls
    >Blood everywhere

  23. natalienandelstadt says:

    Well that’s our story , hope you guys had a ball listening to it

  24. pks7777777 says:

    1. guys are fond of them cos its a male then, i dunno why but its just those things guys have like females and there bathroom time
    2.the’re wrinkly because when its cold the skin has to carry the ballsack closer to the body so the sperm doesn’t die and i usually just shave my balls

  25. CaptinAntcol says:

    Umm why do girls vaginas smell like sweat? Stfu bitches

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