The Ultimate Pick Up Artist Convention Sept. 13th-15th Mystery returns for his first public appearance in many years at Casanova Crew’s “The Ultimate Pick Up Artist C…

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25 Responses to The Ultimate Pick Up Artist Convention Sept. 13th-15th

  1. Humberto Hidalgo says:

    That’s right mystery !!

  2. DavePazz says:

    It doesn’t require any substance to say “get out of the past…” when you
    have no understanding at all of what took place then.

  3. Daniel S. Logan says:

    Thanks for the tip, are you an english teacher?

  4. bigdv519 says:

    Any other pua’s (rafc’s) in Houston. I’m having a tough time finding
    like-minded individuals.

  5. James Hughes says:

    He’s good. Anyone else catch the imbedded command at 30sec “find it

  6. Zac6230 says:

    no phone numbers so what is it?

  7. brahman8908 says:

    PUA is a thousand different flavors. More likely you tried pretending to be
    someone else so long it hurt you. I can promise you that whatever you do at
    present to attract a woman is without a doubt a part of PUA and your doing
    it from a PUA mindset. Just saying…………

  8. BettorOffSingle says:

    Girlfriend = traded your BALLS for sex. You’re not even a fucking man. Tell
    your woman I called her a piece of shit and her boyfriend not man enough to
    do anyth8ing about it. Real PUAs don’t need girlfriendws; in fact, they
    fuck the girlfriends of “provider chump” men. Don’t you read what they
    teach? Girlfriends take money and resources from their “provider chump”
    boyfriends and cheat on them with “real alpha males.”

  9. Vladdermouse says:

    I’m not sure I want to be a “pick up artist”. Tried that for 2 years and it
    screwed me up big time-I was always trying to get people to like me by
    doing this or that technique. All respect to Eric(he made me aware of the
    industry after all) but doing anything other than just being a badass beast
    just seems like a hellish existence to me now

  10. DenFinCllan says:

    realy? is tyler gonna be in some “PUA” event? wierd because he loves GAME

  11. genius2005 says:

    AWESOME!!! Now that I know one of the “founding fathers” of today’s pickup
    artists, Mystery, is going to be at the convention, I will definitely do
    whatever I can to be there. No matter how good today’s “newbie” pickup
    artists get, they always find themselves going back to the Mystery Method,
    the pickup bible of the community.

  12. elegant kunta says:

    I am happy that Mystery is still around!!!! Was wondering if he was ok
    since he disappeared shortly after the Pick Up Artist aired. Glad he is
    still out there doing positive stuff.

  13. ThiefKingofLegend says:

    What are we playing for if not number’s? Of course a full close but the
    number is almost necessary

  14. C Lay says:

    I hadn’t even read the book but one thing I know is get the fuck out of the
    past.. Tyler Durden is beyond any opinion, a fucking pimp-ass boss mother

  15. Vladdermouse says:

    The “natural” schools of thought are the way to go in my opinion. I’ve
    learnt something from all of the schools of thought I’ve studied- but if
    you’re starting out I would recommend getting the core stuff in place that
    is the basis of all of this. Companies like rsd, simplepickup etc will help
    a lot and after that you can do some of the other stuff (if you even feel
    like you need to at that point). A lot of it is just realizing that because
    you have a dick you really are already enough

  16. Talal Khazal says:

    Everything he says sounds like he’s announcing that he’s about to take over
    the world.

  17. projenna says:

    possibly. Just noticed my misspelling too. I gotta stop posting drunk.
    Apparently I miss irony and proper english when I’ve tipped too many.

  18. Daniel S. Logan says:

    No I meant Mum, I was just in a rush to fuck your mum. Sincere apologies.

  19. BettorOffSingle says:

    Nice mouth for someone with absolutely nothing to back it up.

  20. 13KingTiger says:

    Ok im willing to give this event a chance the fact hes been gone so long im
    hoping he took to tyler ways and underwent some deep identity level change

  21. snickersontoast says:

    Imbedded commands is’nt that Ross jeffries stuff?

  22. BettorOffSingle says:

    Anyone see Mystery’s woman? There are pictures of her around on the
    internet. Eye-opening, to say the least.

  23. Mauro DeGennaro says:

    This blog entry explains why Mystery and most PUAs are damaged individuals:
    therawness [dot] com/reader-letters-1-part-4/

  24. yoitsgoku says:

    Mystery! COME TO LONDON!!!!

  25. s29033790 says:

    The whole “I’m not a dating coach I’m a pick up arrrtiiissst” is a nice
    sales pitch but game has come a long way in the 5 years you’ve been gone
    man. Making it a rule to not go for numbers sounds a little retarded to me
    (just saying)….BUT I do like some of the speakers a lot and I look
    forward to hearing from all the people from back in the day

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