The Soup Clipdown ’08 Part 1- The Pickup Artist 2

The Soup Clipdown ’08 Part 1- The Pickup Artist 2 *NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED* “This video uses copyrighted material in a manner that does not requir…
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26 Responses to The Soup Clipdown ’08 Part 1- The Pickup Artist 2

  1. mukziii says:

    Looool soo jokes

  2. GTS300Coupe says:

    it’s amazing how easy it can be to bring out the whore in every female. the
    guy is literally yelling suck my dick to her after just meeting and she’s

  3. Raphe says:

    think of it … THIS girl is someone’s daughter, perhaps someone’s brother

    you need get strong beating boy. I would do that.

  4. Christopher R. says:

    Can someone give me ideas or tips in “Self amusement” I would really
    appreciate it.

  5. WheelShow1 says:

    Yo Julien I live in toronto and it’s fking horrible. I grew up here so
    girls can tell I’m a local and none of them make any contact. Wat do?

  6. JoeyTV says:

    Awesome video didnt know that they could prohibit pickup

  7. เรียนเกาหลีฟรี Koreanrotation says:

    Guys I really wonder about the effectiveness of condom. Seriously speaking
    condom can protect 95% of pregnancy(even use correctly). Let’s say you have
    sex 30 times with the same, or different girls, you end up wit 0.95^30 =
    0.21 effectiveness of protection against pregnancy. And I think that is the
    reason Tyler end up having unexpected kid.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love RSD, and really respect Julien
    I am talking base on real statistic and basic math.
    Any idea? 

  8. Irrational Action says:

    Was expecting some daygame approaches to be honest…

  9. Nadeem Momenz says:

    Hey Julien, are you still in toronto? Cause i’ve been approaching girls
    like crazy in the past week at the eaton centre, and I’d be down to witness
    some of your skill

  10. vontay henderson says:

    1+2=3 dumass #proof that pickup make you dumb

  11. unstifled says:

    Those make outs at the beginning weren’t at Toronto’s Eaton center. They
    were at world pride 2014 more than a block away from the Eaton Center and
    the girls were easy. I ran into Julien there actually and also made out
    with 70+ girls that weekend

  12. IWantSoundKnowledge says:

    Why doesn’t Julien have a French accent?

  13. MaxTiger01 says:

    since 14:13 I can see Julien’s nipples – did you notice how often does that

  14. cupcake says:

    “whats the big deal?” hahahahah

  15. raisinbacon says:

    Lol the ending gave me an aneurysm

  16. ZuKaBLU says:

    congratulations julien, what month of pregnancy are you, i assume early
    stages :DDDD just kidding man, you still seem to get the same amount of
    pussy having that belly.

  17. TomatoFruitSalad says:

    Question is, how to hide on the dance floor when you’re the only guy there?

  18. Smoove Moves says:

    Julien what advice do u have for ppl who try approaching girls and end u
    approaching nobody at the end of the day

  19. hobbexp says:

    reeeaaly good video,

  20. KGDRAWROF says:

    What are some good places to go mass approach during the day?

  21. Dr. Hulk Pixel says:

    Oh that at the end was bad..Poor girl (evil tyler laugh..)

  22. WatchYaze says:

    Julien’s tits are B-cup . Bigger than many girls.

  23. jesse daboss says:


  24. jess marco says:

    julien needs a bra

  25. Tyler Cardone says:

    Moobs of the gods

  26. Lorenzo Capelli says:

    Dick stuck in vagina. Instructions too clear.

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