The Pick Up Artist 2013 — How to Spot & Handle Him!

In this video, I talk about the one man every woman must keep an eye out for — The Pickup Artist! I tell you the pros, cons, and how to handle him if one ev…

Official viewing party at Neil Strauss’ house, after Brian was kicked off he showed us how his sweet dance moves gets the ladies.

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20 Responses to The Pick Up Artist 2013 — How to Spot & Handle Him!

  1. TehRenting says:

    Girls shouldn’t chase after guys that they met at a bar or club unless he
    makes it very clear he is genuinely interested in getting to know her. Too
    many men go to clubs and bars to practise their social skills. Let’s face
    it, due to the internet, a lot more socially awkward men exist today. If he
    gets your number and you chase after him, he might just take any
    opportunity he can get.

    In my eyes, doing that would make you “easy”.

  2. American Vegan says:

    Wait, so why DO women still want to date Leonardo DiCaprio?

  3. Dani K says:

    Awesome video Vanessa! You could totally make a little series about this
    topic. It’s good that you remind us of the proper rules to follow to
    protect ourselves. And train men! 

  4. zeke montgomery says:

    Yes, it is true that guys do that but it also empowers them to press on
    when woman are too easy to get. The ones that are the most difficult end up
    being the best ones to have a relationship with…

  5. halotactics says:

    Hahaha! Probably.

  6. sweetizma1 says:

    B R I A N Brian! Yeah man! He’s the best part of the show. It sure sucked
    having him eliminated. I would crack up because of him in each episode.

  7. dreamextreme7 says:

    @bongapendo ya.. agreed

  8. Octavideoz says:

    brian is the demonstration that look doesnt metter

  9. AndrewSchneiderVII says:

    Damn, it’s so good to see Brian having fun with the girls :)

  10. Harsh Hira says:

    song is L.A.T.S.C – Private dancer latsc= Live at the strip club

  11. buddyd007 says:


  12. bongapendo says:

    This was retarded. The girls are not into them and the guys are lame. Lol.
    But hey, if it gets them laid, good for them. Lol.

  13. BravoGypsy says:

    the song is listed at the end…

  14. Llamanatior says:

    0:44 bryan now has acually got a real Kiss infinity s’s on the lips, this
    time not from a manican, or a guy ;)

  15. dehmvp says:

    kinda sure that was set up

  16. Ernesto Marrero says:

    haha best dance move ever

  17. Closer Chris says:

    I Agree

  18. vision6961 says:

    OHHHHHHHHHHH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!! Brian is Spagnolli (Sean Penn) LUV U BRO!!!!!

  19. JOEY MAK says:

    Bunch of tools

  20. jchavista89 says:

    niel struass (style) is my hero

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