The Best Online Dating Services – Dating Advice(tips) For Men

Dating & Seduction Success Guide For Men: Dating Advice For Men – How To Become An Alpha Male –…

New LOL funny vids every Wednesday! See 10 Things Girls Want To Say, But Don’t! Girls Ask Boys’ Best Ways to Tell a Guy NO!…

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27 Responses to The Best Online Dating Services – Dating Advice(tips) For Men

  1. Nancy L says:

    Guys don’t approach women because they fear a rejection Visit
    and watch the video Make a Woman Approach You You will not regret Be
    proactive with this makes her these things that this increases her the
    habit of personal ones) and you have an interview.

  2. Norman M says:

    Guys don’t approach women because they fear a rejection Visit
    and watch the video You will not regret You need to hold on something.

  3. Faris Messi says:

    I would fuck that right girl till she cries to stop

  4. Ian Foster says:

    @Ben: Hit up *TheAlphaMindset. com*
    The guide on there will explain it all well.
    Basically, women associate kindness with weakness and shyness with a lack
    of confidence.

  5. circa blonk says:

    Or just call 1-800-HOO-KERS

  6. Craig Martin says:

    im a really shy guy this girl (21) who was really interested in what i said
    asked me she wanted to hangout so i called her up to come to the bar with
    her roommate and her boy friend my twin bro and my friend and his girl
    friend .. She very nice to me i bout her some beers and she gave me some
    very strong signals. i ended the night where her roomates boy freind droped
    me off… i messaged her that we should do it again and she agreed. now
    What should i do next she is really kind and im very sweet

  7. Gabe Dutton says:

    hey bill the trainer guess what f*** you girls like nice guys _ _l_

  8. TackyRackyComixNEO says:

    If someone is naturally shy, then it won’t just go away one day. Honestly,
    people need to understand that extroversion is not something that someone
    who is introverted can just fake easily.

  9. Before i forget movie says:

    Are you a shy type and not ready for a date??

    Follow these tips and it will surely help. =)

    The Wing Girls – Dating Tips for Shy Guys

  10. exussupremebeing says:

    horrible tips from women, but when we give advice, we’re spot on. Steve
    Harvey continues to piss me off, why did he write a book for you girls to
    study? where is our book!? Huh, Oprah!?

  11. Dan Nguyen says:

    Only teenage girls like bad boys, as they want to have fun. Once they
    mature and learn more about life experience, their views will change.

  12. xRabbitmanx23 says:

    Thanks for the tips, I’ll be sure to take them promptly, you two are the
    best! :]

  13. dragonballman07 says:

    yeah your hand you put lipstick on your baby? LOL

  14. Kyle Taylor says:

    Piece of advice from a shy guy. Suck it up! if you just ignore your own
    brain all is well. Just tune it out even if its screaming at you to run
    like hell before things get awkward.

  15. Giovanni Thijssen says:

    Nd if your 13?

  16. Fernando Vallejo says:

    I got your app!

  17. Anna Scherill says:

    i recommend meeting online today for example on onesided anonymous chats
    like, it is really good way to meet someone

  18. hate allie says:

    Enough with the gay jokes cum on guys. You’re fucking assholes. LMFAO

  19. Hamish Watson-Holmes says:

    You should write dating book

  20. Sebastian Buitrago says:

    Me neither

  21. dragonblood7575 says:

    I’m but your screwed

  22. goddesstumblr says:

    @kattowitz4 ” you betta shape up, cuz I need a man…. and my heart is set
    on you “

  23. LockieKermit says:

    @kattowitz4 wow, such a happy chap aren’t you? Suck it up

  24. mKwi9FUG8N says:

    Well…… Fuck. I dont Have a wingman.

  25. Tomas Bishop says:

    I shy

  26. leeroy3073 says:

    well im fucked cuz ive been friends with her for ata least 5 years

  27. exussupremebeing says:

    xDD ahhh, funnyyyyy! xD

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