Short Guys dating Tall Girls?

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50 Responses to Short Guys dating Tall Girls?

  1. David Daniels says:

    I’m 5’6 and I would go out with you

  2. Ivy Green says:

    Thank u for that because I started dating a guy and he’s shorter than me!
    But I’m like do u care about height he said no so anyway I’ve known him for
    8 years and I’ve liked him since then so yeah!(: thanks!

  3. TheDorkyGirlyTomboy says:

    <3 yes!!! Exactly!! This happened to me.. And yes I’m glad that I’m not the
    only one who thinks height doesn’t matter <3 Thank you for making this
    point :)

  4. Michelle Munzvengwa says:

    Errrm am short n i like tall guys n its stupid that u think that short
    girls r ugly because we r actually cute n beautiful n same to the tall
    girls n short r not fat , i not.

  5. NinjaMaterialHD says:

    Glad to hear this from you

  6. C Shane Walter says:

    i do

  7. Jayatissa Deweddana Gamage says:

    Let’s get it out there. I have grown to be incredibly jealous of my nephew.
    He has actually been single permanently. By a cheat, he’s got a model to
    love him in weeks. Just how can that be even thinkable? He told me he
    obtained the Cupid Love System (Google it!) I wish someone lovely said that
    to me… I do not remember ever before seeing him so positive. Kind of
    makes me feel bad.

  8. Olivia DeGalvez says:

    Yeah I’m 5 ft. 6 and i am 13

  9. eMz NAM says:

    Im 14 and 5’8 or so and I totally agree with you and that people should
    just grow up. Im really glad there is someone who understands though!

  10. antoinette smith says:

    Im About 5’2 r 5’3 And Dated Som1 Thats 5’1

  11. Mrmoc7 says:

    Just thought I’d update this old comment of mine: Me and this girl broke up
    and I became a pick-up artist. This definitively solved all the girl
    problems I’ve ever had. My short height? I now consider it a asset much
    more than a liability. Life’s been good ever since. It never bothers me
    anymore if a girl rejects me. I’ve probably been rejected by at least 1000
    girls so far, and I’ve been “accepted” by quite a few as well, and yes,
    they’re hot. Life’s good.

  12. Chudi Chika says:

    I am 5.7 to but i am 12

  13. Sita Tamang says:

    Life sucks. My friend has started dating a 10 because 8 weeks back he
    registered to a site called Master Attraction (Google it if you’d like to
    know more.) I’m so green with envy since I wish to just fall in love as
    well. I’m going to look at this Jake Ayres guy’s material. Surprising thing
    is, my friend previously had no results with females. How could you
    transform so rapidly? His lady’s like a model…

  14. Jeanne Liem says:

    I’m 5’7 and my boyfriend is 4’11. I love him. Height and all. We’ve never
    fought. We are a happy couple. Hats the big deal about our height
    difference? Nothing.

  15. chickenmadness1 says:

    btw 5’7″ isnt tall……… men in your country must be rly short o.O

  16. ThePurpleCheeseGaming says:

    My girlfriend is like 1 or 2 inches taller than me and I hate it, even
    though were sorta the same hight

  17. punk1attitude says:

    I’m 5″4 my gf is 5″8. Where just overly happy. She is fantastic in my eyes.

  18. QwentyJ says:

    If you give it a go, you may be able to look past this issue and see him
    for who he is -> in your words, a funny, sweet and amazing individual.

  19. mrtamnus1 says:

    i wish all girls were like you, I’m a 5’8 guy and even girls who are 5’4
    think I’m too short, i have never been told this but i just think this

  20. RebirthWoWGuild says:

    kinda funny lol

  21. arash borhanihaghighi says:

    nice video

  22. Book Nichole says:

    I’m dating and shorter guy but it doesn’t matter he is perfect<3

  23. dios bananos says:

    Let him alone. He is too good for you. Shame he doesn’t realise it.

  24. Nendo Kira says:

    In a perfect fantasy world, I’d like an amazon girlfriend, like twice my

  25. Tommy Scott says:

    you’re a really cool chick.

  26. Tymoteusz Tyminski says:

    hahaha, soo true only that i wear jeans but only when sweat pants in wash

  27. Matthew Sconzo says:

    Haha this is the best. So true

  28. godboy114 says:

    We don’t always get girlfriends, but when we do, we get the best ones.

  29. InspirationFx says:

    damn shes hot

  30. Stan BOING says:

    good fid

  31. LePtiCalissDeCriss says:


  32. Sonixant says:

    LOLLLLLLLLL This is Hilarious!!!

  33. Krzysztof Kłos says:

    I love new intro

  34. OreoThePanda says:

    why do u think they made it?

  35. Hannah Janssen says:

    Oh meh gerd! It’s so true!!! Haha my best friend is exactly like that and I
    have to deal with him eating all my food. That video is brilliant truth!

  36. jhowardsupporter says:

    why waste time with a girl who doesnt do parkour or gymnastics or at least
    martial arts??? shes just gonna sit around n say stuff like “get down from
    there” and “i dont see other people your age doing stuff like this” and so
    forth. fuckin bullshit! plus her body WILL be fatty and weak. go touch a
    girl who doesnt do anything, theres no muscle, its all just fat (n i am not
    talkin obese people here either).

  37. Volatile Parkour says:

    why re-upload ryan doyles videos and this one?

  38. Hazz3r | Gamer, Skydiver, Smart-Arse says:

    Parkour guys are some of the most thoughtful and caring on the planet…
    Yeahhh… because the two are totally related.

  39. LeoTheLionHeart3 says:

    lmao so true and this great! i should show my lady this vid

  40. itzDeaMan says:

    This video is so true spread it to your family,friends & loved ones if
    they do Parkour/Freerunning and please leave a like and a comment thank you

  41. parkourip says:

    you guys should know not many females are gonna watch this

  42. Owen Miller says:

    So she’s speaking from experience that all parkour guys are nice, how many
    guys has she been with then?

  43. Sorrowz46 says:

    hilariously true

  44. Constanza Riddle says:

    Nice video! It made me laugh. My boyfriend is a traceur and what you
    pointed out regarding their fashion style is so true ! He loves wearing
    comfy pants while I prefer to girly skirts, bow and high heels. We always
    fool around saying that he will love me more the day I can do parkour while
    wearing heels. He is a lovely person and so are his other traceur friends

  45. JasonRoGo says:

    This is so true Hahaha

  46. Th3ShadowGam3r says:

    I think too many parkour guys have girlfriends…

  47. NoFunction Rap says:

    Haha, I can’t seem to find one :P

  48. dreamgetter13 says:

    I don’t think too many parkour guys have girlfriends

  49. Cerberustroller says:

    Wat was the song used

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