Scared of Talking to Girls? Become a Beast: Simple Tips by Simple Pickup

How do you talk to girls and get rid of your bitch butterflies? Kong teaches you how to become a beast when approaching women! GET BLOOPERS & EXTRAS HERE: Watch full, un-edited clips here: Tweet this video: Share this video on Facebook: Music by Jervy Hou: — Get rid of your BITCH BUTTERFLIES. Stop making excuses for being a bitch. It’s okay to run out of things to say sometimes, here’s what to do when that happens and how to still get her number at the end. SUBSCRIBE! LEARN! LIKE! FOLLOW!

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25 Responses to Scared of Talking to Girls? Become a Beast: Simple Tips by Simple Pickup

  1. paindrain says:

    Talk and ask about pointless garb… CHECK! I did learn something, thanks!

  2. Carlos1000xz says:

    Take this Bitch Butterflies !!! 

  3. paindrain says:

    I’m a butterfly bitch, FAHK! That “I’m going to fail mindset” certainly worked in a different direction for myself, glad some can use it as a driver to more potential! That mindset plus life experience has dissuaded me, plus the possibility I take things to heart a lil too much, it seems id rather not get involved, than be turned down, rejection is painful for me, apparently not so for others, fuck you ppl… (spite driven drunken hate, take it for what its worth)

  4. NapalmicAcid says:

    I’m taking this advice seriously xD

  5. RainfulPhenix says:

    Oh shit, I didn’t realize 6 foot was pretty high xD
    Dafuq was I thinking.
    But anyhow, much respect

  6. BiggestNano says:

    I’m not actually 6 feet tall and 300lbs, I’m just saying, it may be a bit intimidating. But thanks for giving a nice comment back instead of the racist ones I got.

  7. sjwalshy182 says:

    fuck you illuminati cunt!

  8. André Rodrigues says:

    I’m a little bitch :[

  9. Alex Chilipirea says:

    thax man i will not be a Bich lol

  10. XxXSLASHsk8trXxX says:

    I’ve never been scared of getting in a roller coaster…

  11. MyHumanLife says:

    This was cool I liked this a lot

  12. RainfulPhenix says:

    It’ll never help.
    Hit the gym, and eat with discipline. Trust me, it works as long as you do that for the rest of your life..

  13. AlfaHazard says:

    A gym and a good diet help.

  14. nhs2008NC says:

    6:12 Damn but that scared me!

  15. BiggestNano says:

    These tips are great, but they don’t really help if you’re a 6 foot 300lbs black 16 year old.

  16. PoyPoPoy says:

    hell naw, i understand confidence is key. but i would never jump around and do pushups to get a girls attention

  17. Rui Pacheco says:

    I had the same problem, so I know how you feel. So yeah it’s little irrational and, at the same time, no. It’s normal for us, people, to feel that way. But do not care about what other people think or say about you. /watch?v=h64TFQpX5cM this video here is one of the best life advices I’ve ever seen and I hope it helps you. :)

  18. spyron10 says:

    Sup bro’s. first of all, thanks for the vids! Now I have a question and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. The thing is, I live in a small town and I’m afraid that when I talk to different girls they’ll put shit about me on facebook like he’s such ‘a loser and stuff’ and that everybody in my town will know and laugh. Is this completely irrational?

  19. nzman101 says:

    she likes asian vegetables. Kong, she wants your vegetable.

  20. YOURNOTC00L says:

    go home jesse, your drunk

  21. Matze Stef says:

    “Do these work on demons?” FTFY

  22. Dean Winchester says:

    Do these work in iran? xD Just asking.

  23. tankform says:

    watch their video about insecurity and other stuff, btw, please go to school

  24. tankform says:

    Yes! Set the bitch butterflies loose instead of holding them and keeping you disstracted!

  25. xtr3ason says:

    me and my mates tried this in scotland and all they said was fuck off

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