Saluda NC Police Station

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Saluda NC Police Station
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Image by *Kid*Doc*One*
Well with all the crime here in Saluda of course we need this nice police station.

Saluda NC, population 500, sits in the mountains of Western North Carolina. The inhabitants are about 25% folks from other areas who have a mountain home here, 25% artists, hippies, new agers and others attracted to the Blue Ridge mountains and streams, 25% born and bred here with hard-work ethics and modest homes and pickup trucks, 25% bikers, and 25% rednecks. Ops, that’s more than 100%. Well you get the picture. A lovely town with nice shops and good hamburgers and milk shakes.

Ready For Pickups and Stings
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Image by Vicki & Chuck Rogers
Photo by Vicki Rogers.

Luthier Bill Collings makes some of the best guitars and Mandolins in the world. His guitars are played by well-known artists. These outstanding instruments are hand made with premium woods such as Adirondack spruce, Honduran mahogany, and Brazilian rosewood.

Collings Guitars gives factory tours every Friday at 3:30 pm. The tour is free and generally lasts about 45 minutes. Reservations are appreciated. The shop is located at:

Collings Guitars
11210 W. Hwy 290
Austin, TX 78737
(512) 288-7776

1958 Silvertone Artist, pickup
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Image by simonm1965

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