‘roadside attraction’

A few nice pick up artists images I found:

‘roadside attraction’
pick up artists

Image by knitting iris
Made from aluminum cans picked up off the sides of the road, crocheted together with thrifted acyrlic yarn.
Modeled to the Pointer Sisters’ "Yes We Can" Fab!

The designer/model is a fabulous 50-something woman. She is an artist who works in just about any medium, often incorporating recycled, natural, and other gathered materials. She is a potter by trade, a harmonica player in the local folk music society, and art teacher through the creative arts center, a fabulous gardener, a fellow huckleberry picker, and she has long been my homeschooling mama mentor, whether she knows it or not.

The crocheting of the individual pieces was the collaborative effort of many. A handful or two of those were done by me. This outfit is surprisingly flexible.

Lonely work
pick up artists

Image by theqspeaks
I was driving past a church on my way home during the blue hour, and I saw a someone on a scaffold painting a mural by the glow of a single work lamp. It was the first time in nearly half year that I had been inspired to take photos, so when I got home, I quickly grabbed my gear and doubled back.

Upon my arrival, I asked if it was alright if I shot him and his colleague as they worked. Charles was fine with it, asking if I was with a paper. I said I was just an amateur, and he asked that I give him my card before I left. As we all went about our business, the two artists had a MacBook playing some smooth mid-90’s hip-hop–2Pac and Biggie and the like. Good music to work to, and it took me back to my youth out West.

After working the scene for a good 40 minutes, I came back up to talk to him. Turns out, the Holy Rosary Italian Catholic Church commissioned a large mural to celebrate their 100th anniversary. I guess they originally approached a more expensive artist who ultimately recommended Charles instead. From what I could see, I think the church ultimately made the right pick, as the mural is looking great.

Paul Klee print framed
pick up artists

Image by swirlspice
Paul Klee is one of Missy’s favorite artists. She picked up this print at the Art Institute of Chicago a couple years ago. We tried a matte matching every color in this print. We were originally hoping for a green or orange, but I think the blue is just the right accent. The frame is a little darker than a brushed copper. This is hanging on in our upstairs hallway, outside the bathroom.

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