Relationship Advice with Ricky Martin Thanks for watching! =] New videos every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! Chris’s channels: Mus…

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25 Responses to Relationship Advice with Ricky Martin

  1. Adorian Deck says:


  2. Adorian Deck says:


  3. thoughts4coffee says:

    My 30 year old sister is married to a 51 year old guy. He’s about ten years
    YOUNG for his age, and she’s about ten years too OLD for HER age, so they
    meet in the middle. As long as you have the same level of maturity, i don’t
    see any problem :)

  4. Adorian Deck says:


  5. Allegra Epstein says:

    0:09 So cute

  6. mutualweirdcalledlove says:

    My right leg is an inch and a quarter longer than my left…it’s not like
    “whoooooaaaaaaa!”…until you put pointe shoes on…oh such interesting

  7. gabriella.414 says:

    ” don’t let yo man control you . ” XD LOLOL

  8. Carter Lafoon says:

    Ahhh, marry me.

  9. Tonee Rhian Rose says:

    It’s not Sue Pricky, it’s Sup Ricky & it’s cause some ppl think he looks
    like Ricky Martin.

  10. Valerie Eight says:

    Tl; dw, actions speak louder than words. :3

  11. ScottKinmartinTV says:

    I think you knew what I meant. :)

  12. Adorian Deck says:


  13. Jguy365 says:

    How long has that window been there?

  14. Adorian Deck says:


  15. Sparkley5431 says:

    love it.

  16. Adorian Deck says:

    <3 thanks EV

  17. Christina Mitchell says:

    Thanks for answering my question! I am sorry I wasn’t very clear. I’m 18
    and he’s 25, and I feel like I’m wasting my time liking him because he
    might be getting impatient on finding the right girl. In a few years it
    wouldn’t matter but somehow it still seems impossible :P

  18. NEO M says:

    i just subscribed because A. your funny 2…no B.your cool and 3 or C your
    just really FUNNY!!!!

  19. Adorian Deck says:


  20. Adorian Deck says:

    :) you’re right!

  21. Adorian Deck says:


  22. warriorfire8103 says:

    Ah wonderful.. AdorianDeck and Ricky Martin for all your manly grooming
    needs and advice. Fluffy hair is nice when it works but looks like I stuck
    my finger in socket if I don’t watch it.

  23. Adorian Deck says:


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