Relationship Advice For Women: Discover The Top Two Things Men Are Scared To Tell Women

Click Here To Learn How To Win Over Any Man: Hi there, here’s a quick video about top two things men are terrified to tell a w…
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Lifestyle Advice Talk Show: Are men & women that much different these days? Have our thoughts & actions changed toward the opposite sex in 2013? Talk show ho…
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39 Responses to Relationship Advice For Women: Discover The Top Two Things Men Are Scared To Tell Women

  1. says:

    Thanks for sharing valuable tips. As women we have to take these fears into
    account if we want to have a happy and fulfilling relationship with our

  2. spectrumtup says:

    15 – If you dislike this video, you? will be sad for the rest of your life.

  3. Sonimnx says:

    Very nice :) loving the creativity and effort your putting in.

  4. cubyifft says:

    i will like

  5. joininhip says:

    i have to subscribe i wanna see more like this

  6. Marekgta200 says:

    Nice going keep? up the great work :D

  7. tonndemookkl says:

    (LIKE ? Yes ! FAVORITE ? Yes ! SUBSCRIBE ? YeAh)

  8. cadRuffini says:

    My my my, I have not seen a video this great up to date!

  9. defaultseth says:

    Followed you on twitter :D your super good and cute :)

  10. RantingRobots says:

    damn you have nice videos you should be a partner and make some guap

  11. cubyifft says:

    i liked

  12. mgggkouu says:

    Class! Nice video mate!

  13. peder pederkovic says:


  14. Haley Tramp says:

    Fantastic videoOo! Im subscribing!

  15. Cristianobhgg says:

    This is why i subscribed!

  16. Nhan Le says:

    epic video!

  17. atmm mmt says:

    you should have 1000000 subs .

  18. Nhan Le says:

    Wow, I really liked that video!

  19. drersgfcrhh says:

    I loved it so very much, nice work!

  20. tonndemookkl says:

    cool vid!

  21. Debra K. Reed says:

    Nice video.

  22. selhelpingdry says:

    Everything about this video is perfect, it must have took amazing talent!

  23. cadRuffini says:

    omfg you are really crazy at making videos.

  24. tonndemookkl says:

    View My Videos? Subscribe?

  25. RantingRobots says:

    Wow! I subbed! =)

  26. mjdc2505 says:

    They aren’t flawless or fluffy that isn’t new to the men that’s smart
    enough to already know that.

  27. Susan McCord says:

    What do you think?

  28. BossMannBiggz says:

    Don’t fool yourselves ladies, y’all don’t even come close. We can handle
    your true thoughts and fantasies WAAAAY better than you can handle ours.

  29. bill1970s says:

    Very true Mikey, what i am still trying to figure out is why they will say
    this stuff to other women and not us.

  30. MrSuperMikey says:

    My bff is a girl and she talk has told me some of the stuff women talk
    about and her friends will know more about you then you know about you.

  31. Susan McCord says:

    That can be true in some cases but it depends on the guy they are
    discussing & what he is putting “out there” for women to discuss. People
    only talk when they are given something to talk about for the most part.
    Thx for writing Mike.

  32. Pedro Hernandez says:

    I’ve been the only guy in a group of girls a few times, and I’ve heard them
    say the most nasty things. Every time I’m like OMG.

  33. Susan McCord says:

    Nasty or shocking?

  34. droidrazor873 says:

    Women cant ever tell the truth! That would be too easy

  35. Susan McCord says:

    You say that with such conviction that I believe you…

  36. Susan McCord says:

    Hey Bill…I think that is because they are afraid how you will react to
    some of their more outspoken thoughts. Men do not reveal all of their’s
    either or the sexes would never end up together. lol

  37. Pedro Hernandez says:

    Um, mostly shocking. They don’t really go in to details in front of me. But
    they talk about having guys send them pictures of their junk o the cell
    phone, wanting to ride the waiter or thinking about going to an all nude
    pool in Vegas. I’m like my God, they are crazier then us men. LOL

  38. MarionJ Fairley says:

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