Relationship Advice 101 (Rochelle Diamante)

Are you going through a break up or somebody that you know is? Do you feel beat up by love? I am here to help!!! This video is about relationships and heart …
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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37 Responses to Relationship Advice 101 (Rochelle Diamante)

  1. Rochelle Diamante says:

    Well it’s never too late to change! Any positive change can be made
    anytime. Focus on giving and putting more trust into your relationship.
    Good luck! :) Rochelle Diamante

  2. sakuradark1231 says:

    Hey well this guy that i know want’s to be more than friends but I don’t
    want to go out with him and he doesn’t understand when i tell him i just
    want to be friends… What should I do??? :/

  3. everybodylies0v0 says:

    My girlfriend said we have to take a break, she doesn’t even know how she
    feels about me anymore.. I feel like I’m played and manipulated.. :'(

  4. Rochelle Diamante says:

    haha! Agreed! It can be relationships with your parents and so on! Thank
    you! You stay awesome as well!! :) <3 Rochelle Diamante

  5. SadieBrookie says:

    Come check out my breakup advice video!

  6. Rochelle Diamante says:

    Well you are definitely using past relationships the right way! Every
    experience has a lesson to be learned. When you look back, don’t regret or
    feel sad, find what you learned from it and be happy it made you the person
    you are now! And there is no rush! You will find that person that you can
    trust! i hope you have a great day as well! :) Rochelle Diamante

  7. Nguyen Suri says:

    can u see my stuffy doing gwiyomi

  8. Rochelle Diamante says:

    Aww! I’m so happy I could help you!! And tell your friend thank you for
    sharing this with you! :) Rochelle Diamante

  9. RochelleDoTell says:

    Well I’ve had some experiences and I’ve observed my friends going through
    break-ups and I just felt like helping some people out!! :) Rochelle

  10. Rochelle Diamante says:

    Just ignore him and do the best you can to not lead him on. That’s all you
    can do. :)

  11. re-subscribe to my new channel lexyheartsbeauty says:

    great video and great advice! <3

  12. Ai Hime says:

    We’ve been together for around 1½ year and then suddenly after he started
    on a new school -1 month in the semester- he just told me that ; w ; I
    really don’t know how to come around it I’ve talked with friends and they
    all told me to give him time but it’s really hard to do so ; w ;

  13. Rochelle Diamante says:

    hmmmmm…what to do, what to do…keep watching my videos! lol!! :P
    Rochelle Diamante

  14. SilentGM says:

    Well at first, happy St. Valentine’s Day to You too. And the second one, I
    think there’s nothing I could share with you for now.Yes , sometimes I
    waste my time in looking at the past, but I bet that’s just fine, because
    it let’s me not forget the mistakes I’ve made.Relationships?For me? Well,
    thats just complicated for me, because I don’t feel ready to trust someone
    that much as I did when I was 17 and 18. Anyway I wish You a nice day and I
    hope You’ll get it, because You deserve it. :)

  15. Isabella Poppy says:

    it is Valentine day en Spain

  16. Clarissa Baez says:

    Pause at 1:40

  17. Rochelle Diamante says:

    Nope!! But I’m perfectly happy with that!! Rochelle Diamante

  18. XJemiNelenaLoverX says:

    Thank you so much. It would help me a lot. You are so sweet. Barely any
    youtubers reply to commenters and fans. I love you the most and you made my
    day!! x

  19. MegaLolz1234567890 says:

    My boyfriend broke up with me the day before 4 months. An ever since then
    he’s been asking out every girl. He’s also 11 different girls. And we broke
    up January 25th. And he’s dated 11 girls since then. What should I do?
    Rochelle please respond I need to know how to deal with this!! :) thanks

  20. Ashil Soni says:

    Dr. Rochie :P well i never had relationship with anyone but I had crush on
    a girl since 7yrs.. I asked her for relationship 4yrs ago n she left me &
    my frndship.. I still cant forgot her n idk why i still love her.. What
    should I do Rochelle?

  21. timstime1970 says:

    totally agree…your a very bright and gifted young more
    thing..when its over its over dont go back after the 1st break up and dont
    test a person by breaking up,,thats very childish and never works..

  22. hamid3137 says:

    oh to bad i don’t have gf !!!! omg

  23. Pilwe says:

    Damn i realised I´m one of your “Mind controlling” guys

  24. esme garcia says:

    I Was Physically Abused . . . But I Couldnt Leave ; I Loved Him, You Only
    Understand When Your In That Situation I Guess Every Morning Before I Start
    My Day I Look At My Scars & Remember What A Hell Of A Woman I Am & I Thank
    Him For Building My Character & Strength But I’ll Never Love Easily Again

  25. yamo tlais says:

    look rochelle i wanna ask you something my friends ex boyfriend is dating
    another girl and this girl was her friend but he is acting normal around my
    friend but mybest friends heart is broken so what should i do i hate seeing
    her like this

  26. cuttiepie7182 says:

    umm ” once a cheater always a cheater” js it isn’t always true. I have
    cheated before but I learnt my lesson. no hate. just proving that it isn’t
    always right. people can change,. 

  27. Kehauna Kizzie says:

    Wow dude ur so right

  28. juan cortes says:

    hey thx man alot for the advice

  29. blackroseisawesome says:

    Thank you fellow human

  30. Roberto LagmanTV says:

    Why not?

  31. Riley O'Rourke says:

    Thank you so much! You just made everything around me seem a little
    easier… I really appreciate the time you took to film this. It has
    obviously helped people!

  32. Roberto LagmanTV says:

    No problem! Be sure to subscribe for more videos soon :)

  33. sexymexnmaid says:


  34. Ian Paulo says:

    Thx for he advices bro

  35. Tai Ong says:

    First tip is true!!

  36. Roberto LagmanTV says:

    Its my pleasure!

  37. PeaceLoveAndSoul99 says:

    This is great, but I can’t leave her in the dust!

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