PlentyOfFish (POF) Advice Series for Men – How-to Improve your Profile

How to create the perfect online dating profile on POF. As the world’s largest dating site, we have the most valuable insight into what women are rea…

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25 Responses to PlentyOfFish (POF) Advice Series for Men – How-to Improve your Profile

  1. Josue Alfred says:

    I Am someone with moderate self-confidence, I Am generally feel comfortable
    interacting with other people. In particular,

  2. SheSingsLovely says:

    I wonder why this got so many dislikes. I thought it was actually really

  3. PacmannProductionsTv says:

    @tedflb actually tho, go for it n check my page if you want tho. i guess it
    couldnt hurt hearing from a male. But I do know my shits setup better than
    other douches on the site thats killin it for us gd guys haha. Anyways, my
    name on there is LoyalOne85. Check it n let me know what you think.

  4. Lance Stevenson says:

    Helllllllllooooo Sarah! ;) ;)

  5. tom jones says:

    Most of the woman on site look for a super star on POF and yet they as for
    a honest hard working man and when you respond to them the do not reply

  6. HaBaBaMBiZ says:

    LoL look at the video prepared for women watched 5k and this one 500k
    pathetic =) and 10 points to pof for choosing a loser type guy for this
    video hahahahahaha well this just proofs that rules on this video arent
    valid for women, they can take mirror pics and write BS to their
    description hahaha just a cleavage photo is enough for 100msgs daily : in
    other words “I have the kitty I make the rules” =)

  7. ksmuffin says:

    Why do women never reply? I put good thought in my messages. :(

  8. Derick Moncado says:

    Hi Sarah, when can I take YOU out on a date? You’re gorgeous!

  9. newcaptivate says:

    The guy at 4:38 loves his job!

  10. Railrodder says:

    Great tips! My only complaint, is the so called ‘dealbreakers’. I have, and
    I’m sure others have, become curious and looked at profiles of people with
    profiles stating ‘intiment encounters’, ‘chat only’ etc. Because I have
    done that, I am bannished from messaging serious possible relationships. I
    am seriously looking for a friend for life partner. But because I strayed a
    few times, my chances of meeting that special person has all but diminished.

  11. TheDarryl50 says:

    does anyone else find the hotness of this woman really distracting?

  12. pomegranat2000 says:

    Bleh none of it has worked in 6 years…

  13. sdrawkcab190 says:

    A better statistic would be the ratio of likes to dislikes. The women
    watching the video seem to be jealous of Sarah. I’m looking forward to the
    next video!

  14. PhoenixOrichimaru says:

    How about shy guys messaging girls :/

  15. Reaver4k says:

    Funny how tips for women only have 8,000 views where as tips for men have
    500,000, women on okcupid are just as picky, online dating is a women
    market not mens…

  16. SkaMasta097 says:

    Great video and great advice! :)

  17. phoenix25R . says:

    That was great advice.How is it that she is single? The guys she talked to
    must have been douches,that or she is way to picky lol

  18. haych simmo says:

    are you still avaliable? can i send u a message?

  19. Corey Stewart says:

    You should make a similar video for the ladies. I’ve noticed that some are
    just as guilty as us men for avoiding details on their profile. You may
    also want to mention some tip for pictures too…Woman hate a shirtless
    picture of a guy, but some of their pics leave little to the imagination.
    If you need to flaunt that much skin to get a guy to message you, he’s not
    worth your time. I’m more attracted to a lady who looks classy in her
    pictures, and sounds classy in her profile description.

  20. sunrise556 says:

    nice video, hopefully guys will watch it and learn something from it

  21. SkaMasta097 says:

    POF has improved it’s design alot over the years. It’s much better now than
    it used to be years ago.

  22. Brutus everdotten says:

    still waiting on that advice video for women!!!

  23. SkaMasta097 says:

    Ah, the good old days in the 90s when website were simply designed. I like
    the layout how it is now.

  24. tidusyuna989 says:

    great advice!!!!!

  25. Keith Seward says:

    Can i date u Sarah??? lolol

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