Plenty Of Fish Dating Tips For Men (4 of 10) pof Plenty Of Fish pof Dating Tip For Men (4 of 10) learn how to attract and date girls online on dating sites like plentyoffish. O…
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5 Responses to Plenty Of Fish Dating Tips For Men (4 of 10) pof

  1. Yanina Popova says:

    yes yes! you right! I had hundreds messages every day and profile PICTURE
    and profile NAME – are super important! its the very first thing every girl
    see when hse gets a message!

  2. GodsDe says:

    It’s so funny, I use to get hundreds of messages per day when I had my
    profile up in Michigan and Pennsylvania. Now that I have a profile up in
    Florida (same pictures) I probably will be lucky to get 3 messages in a day
    LOL. For some reasons guys in Florida do not seem attracted to me. Oh well
    I’m moving in 2 weeks. Thank God!!

  3. PacmannProductionsTv says:

    Give us some headline tips!

  4. Supersmooth007 says:

    Girls dont reply! Up until last year I use to get messages from girls and
    they were actually looking for a relationship or to dates – NOW it’s all
    single mothers that come in excess baggage and only want a man who is
    solvent. Also why is it that a beautiful girl can get up to 70 msgs per day
    yet a handsome man would be lucky to get one message a month!?? I’ve sent
    20 msgs once only to get one reply “Hey hows u” – the whole system on POF
    is corrupted! Also you don’t know how old their photos are!

  5. Jad T Jones says:

    This video is important: How to communicate the right way when sending
    girls messages online.

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