PICKING UP WOMEN – Ray William Johnson

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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21 Responses to PICKING UP WOMEN – Ray William Johnson

  1. Rastcast says:

    My ”pole” is even longer than that one…

  2. Brian Rios says:

    2:12 lost it there xD

  3. Muath Alfawzan says:

    looper is shitty movie

  4. BOOST15673 says:

    That “Art?” video, it is from Arte as you see, which is a German-French channel. Europe, that explains why it’s like that! Don’t come down on me people, I am not criticizing, jeez.

  5. mjcat0001 says:

    dat was f*cked up

  6. TheOfficialRcc says:

    0:211 omfg couldn’t stop laugh!

  7. TheOfficialRcc says:


  8. masteridsi says:


  9. HAHAHA1813 says:

    a movie

  10. NrQ Montage says:

    Big shiny d

  11. koolminerz55 says:

    What’s looper

  12. louismoreno2001 says:

    She want to be laid

  13. Aseriouslymeandude says:

    Don’t be a dick.

  14. motherfuckingunicorn says:

    take some of that fucking gel out of ur hair u wise crackin son of a bitch

  15. JOEZAAAM says:

    HELLO EVERYONE :) me & my friends have made a new channel making comedian videos.WE ARE ACTUALLY PRETTY GOOD but WE ARE BEGINNERS SO PLZ DNT GET PISSED OFF. if anyone who reads this please check out my videos and if you enjoy our content please subscribe! and be sure to check out our new 2012 end of the world rant :)

  16. Peacekitten4427 says:

    I laughed so hard at kids its time for dinner *clang clang*

  17. theblondieboys says:

    lol dont act like you have any frickin idea whats going on

  18. DAREDEVIL6916 says:

    looper is a shity movie. Its not worth 1 hour of your life

  19. Emma Swenson says:

    its dinner time bitches

  20. blownupdogsify says:


  21. Julie Chorma says:

    Its dinner time!

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