Picking Up Women In The Park – Pick Up Artist, pua, mystery method

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25 Responses to Picking Up Women In The Park – Pick Up Artist, pua, mystery method

  1. DerRalf07 says:

    the problem is always the same: there is no possibility to compare.

    I’d LOVE to see how Tom Torero (daygame. com), Jon Sinn, Adam Lyons, Paul Janka or Sasha PUA would have approached this exact same girl in the exact same situation – and the results each of them would have gotten. Also just number close? Or instant date? Same day lay?

    No possiblilty to compare :-(

  2. WTFukinshit says:

    Notice that EVERY ONE of these PUA guys is six foot something?  I’d love to see a guy who’s 5’1 do the same thing.

  3. kutzalan says:

    It’s normal. The reason why it happens is because you’re probably afraid of ruining an interaction that started well. Take the risk and learn from the outcome whatever it happens to be. Have fun. What you feel, she will feel too.

  4. romanticlover33 says:

    best way is ask for direstion.. lol as u r lost, then listen on her direction carefully. n ask her if i m lost i ll bug u, lol… praise her a bit, ( gals all over the world love praising)
    confidence is key… bottom line is..
    “gals run after those guys who don run after them…“

  5. surfs1man says:

    i thought we arnt supose to say there beuituf right away and look akward.that looks akward to me

  6. themagician90 says:

    that could be a sign that you aren’t attracted to her. if you were attracted to her you would feel more inclined to chat her up. after you get used to that you can learn how to play the game. and once you know how to play the game you will be good

  7. ruigejoostnl says:

    what is the guy doing with a umbrella @ 2:57 

  8. daleva187goligo says:

    is this “How to Catch a Predator”? lmao

  9. jonnyjumpsalot says:

    Could be Pakistani…

  10. edgartj17 says:

    For me there was never a problem when it was about talking to girls, problem is as soon as i feel they are way to into herselfs i lose interest which is very common for me.
    finding a worthy girl to hang out with seems to be the problem now days.
    i’ll let you know a lil secret to guys who still have fear on talking to girls , just set your mind in a state of i don’t give a fuck about the world , like fuck it i just don’t care and you will lose all fear, regardless of the result u will improve.

  11. sgmpmr says:

    According to Cindy, “Girls just want to have fun.”

  12. mario davinci says:

    Honestly, i can take a phone number faster, i been watching lots of these videos and now i also know to get tourists attention in less than 2 mins, and i kiss most of them in less than an hour,,,,,, thank you ALEX, im a master now

  13. muppetowner says:

    try to ask her questions about the things she says, women usually love to talk about themself

  14. BeAsTm0aD says:

    I think the biggest issue is that of course as guys we are really distracted by the sexual side of interaction with women instead of the conversation side when we want to have a good time with a girl. Being able to just laugh and talk with a girl is hard because we’re constantly reminded of either how sexy her legs are or the way her smile tears a hole in our heart when she laughs, usually both in different intervals.

  15. Geraldo joa says:

    I can approach a girl and everything but the hardest part is to know what to say later in the conversation. great video man

  16. happysoul745 says:

    she loves it.

    look at her play with her hair,she even checked out his ase!

  17. xxLilJXxX says:

    she is hot it looks like everythings going good she smiling & laughing & enjoying the conversation

  18. nunchakulee1993 says:

    this guy blows

  19. TheLaidbackluc says:

    Awesome stuff. I just wanted to let you know that there is this book called Smooove at Supper sold on Amazon.com and it has a ton of easy magic and openers you can pull pretty much anywhere. The book has a ton of easy magic tricks. Pretty good stuff

  20. Jass526 says:

    huh? How would you deduce I’m “easy” by what I said? That’s retarded. I said he is HOT and I probably wouldn’t have turned him down. You’re saying any girl who doesn’t turn down a guy is easy??!

  21. edgartj17 says:

    the thing love is like a product! you gotta sell it! make yourself attractive like you make someone who is trying to buy a car attractive!
    something she like , a nice easy out going guy who just likes to chat
    women like to talk a lot about their day , work , problems etc
    when most guys dont its just the way man are made.
    but if you try it it wont hurt you , always respect a woman no matter what even if she is rude, and see her as the girl she is and not like a piece of meat.
    Alex my respect!!

  22. YV07111985 says:

    i believe it really depends on what type of person you are. just remember to slow down your talking maybe try having a song going through your head (: try talking about something you both could have in common not staying on a topic for too long and moving onto another topic that’s sort of linked, then moving back to the original topic. some people call threading abit of jokes between the links may not hurt too ^^

  23. BayColony says:

    I love to neg girls they dont get it lols

  24. TheRockybalburke says:

    YES i always think tht, i got the openers, got the body language, i know how to neg her. but NOTHING to tactually talk about

  25. Skankpronger says:

    so are you saying your easy then ?

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