Picking Up Girls

I see if I can be successful at picking up girls! I think things went well. paultelner.com
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25 Responses to Picking Up Girls

  1. mrphamful says:

    I have a boyfriend by the way………what a liar

  2. rivlean8 says:

    he talks 99% of the time
    they speak to him only by pity lol

  3. drewbehr says:

    Pretty cute muffin-top she had there… I think she’s perfect for you.

  4. iDoom9 says:


  5. Jamsessionroom1337 says:

    touche sis… touche….

  6. ITSROBHERE says:

    lack of shame IS confidence.

  7. yamahaboy9511 says:


  8. gilbertdevin says:

    Lmfao that’s fucked up

  9. EchoVids2u says:

    you can tell hes nervouse because he sways back and forth

  10. Anglacer says:

    Humpty Dumpty is an egg.

    - Anglacer™

  11. xXKrazy4KillsXx says:


  12. andrewcalvarese says:

    Sarah! “i’m jen” yeah jen.

  13. MrTdawg1491 says:

    Check out tommy galatis picking up fsu girls on youtube

  14. monkeybizwak says:

    how do pretty girls live in the projects, is this like ohio or something

  15. faheemboy says:

    Good on u mate

  16. covman3030 says:


  17. ChloeTVx says:

    Lol that’s not a problem we don’t need him

  18. cfcolly says:

    Na dude, direct rules in day game n’ in a club they get direct shit from every loser!

  19. jack83264 says:

    try your hand at the Make a Star competition, and widen your fan base, and stand a chance to win.

  20. Philipeezy says:

    Direct during day is definitely the way to go IMO. But obviously this guy was just taking the piss :)

  21. SerChade says:

    Stop buckling your knees, stop wagging your hands all over the place and stop talking so damn fast – let them get a word in godammit… Also stop been so damn direct, you’re not in a fucking club.

  22. XxGreenBeXx says:

    Lets have a threesome

  23. shaanu1087 says:

    Guy: Not a problem
    Guy: We don’t need him…


  24. 000ragie says:

    he dont need your boyfriend LOL

  25. Hobocommander4 says:

    Nice, but some constructive criticism.. Talk slower, use less hand gestures, and make them slower.

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