Picking Up Girls at Valdosta State

This video was made to show GUYS that anyone can pick up girls. I am sick of people asking me how I talk to girls in my VSU Public Embarrassments. This video…
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Mario shows you how to pick up girls at the gym without being creepy. How To Get A Hot Date in 3 minutes: http://theattractiveman.com Meeting women at the gy…
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28 Responses to Picking Up Girls at Valdosta State

  1. Woojoo333 says:

    May I ask what’s wrong with your voice?

  2. emily scarborough says:

    This is so funny! Good job! 

  3. theBIGreekgeek says:

    How is your life in this campus going to be after this? 

  4. Chad le Clos says:

    Whats the song in name in the start?

  5. Kaptain Kek says:

    This is how you woo a m’lady reddit style. 1: Walk up to m’lady be
    confident. 2: Greet her and tip your fedora 3: She will attempt to talk to
    you at this point, shh her and say “baby, I have 50k karma points and I’m
    an experienced reddit meme maker” 4: She will drop to the ground and suck
    your dick right there.

    If this fails then run to your waifu.

  6. Herp McDerpsen says:

    Reddit cringe lieutenant here. If you ever have trouble wooiing m’ladies,
    visit reddit.com and get advice from true gentlesirs like myself on how to
    properly court a m’lady.

    A small tip for now is to master le act of fedora tipping and consume
    unholy (don’t worry, I’m an atheist) amounts of Mountain Dew.

    Hope to see you at reddit.com, m’sir!

  7. James Delgado says:

    pffft, i don’t think this would work for me. i’m about as ugly as dennis

  8. sopofony says:

    Yo dude, I can see the responses you are getting from girls and I feel it
    is very manipulative. This is flattery. Flattery is different from giving
    compliments. Compliments are honest and they come from within. Flattery is
    insincere and it’s looking for something out of the situation, rather than
    giving that person the actual compliment and making them feel good about
    themselves. Now I usually am ok with flattery, but this is just sickening
    man, for fuck sake have some morals. It may not seem bad at the surface,
    but for example, the girl at 1:15 must of walked home feeling pretty
    shitty. Here’s a guy who comes up to her and gives her one of the nicest
    compliments anyone has ever given her, making her feel really special.
    Then, however, he goes onto tell her that she’s being filmed on camera for
    a dating channel. She realizes that the jig is up and that you didn’t
    actually mean any of it, you just wanted to prove that you could get her
    number, and once you got it you left her dry.

    Now sure, I might sound like an extreme white knight because I “care” for
    girls so much that I’m trying to defend her. I am actually just an
    empathetic person who felt really bad for that girl, and I’m not trying to
    get anything from her. I believe white knighting is done to manipulate
    women and not because they actually care for them as people, it’s as if
    women are a means to an end. I’m not trying to preach that you must treat
    everyone with respect, but I’m just raising it to your awareness that sure,
    at the surface you are giving out a good message. the “it works if you are
    confident” notion. I agree it does work, but you are cheap-shotting your
    way to a number-close from girls you just randomly met by telling them the
    most excessive forms of flattery I’ve seen. This is supreme white
    knighting, it’s the white knight who has become confident in his abilities
    to manipulate girls into bed by being super nice, yet so insincere. I mean,
    honestly, that was probably not the most beautiful girl you have ever seen
    and telling her that is like pulling her strings, it’s not fair and it’s
    fucking obvious you will get those responses, it’s extremely rare to get it
    and all girls have this notion that “you might be the one”.

    Yeah, so I just wanted to break down rationally why I think what you’re
    doing isn’t very cool at all and it is one very subtle form of passive
    aggressivity. Luckily though, you’re just doing it for views so I’m not
    trying to make a huge deal about it, and as it may seem like I’m angry at
    you or anything I’m not at all and I don’t want to make you feel like this
    is an attack. It’s just an unconscious behaviour to make yourself feel
    special, but that specialness is built on flattery which is fake. So if
    you’re wondering why this is cringe, that’s the reason, because we can all
    see that you are very selfish and you don’t care much about the girls at
    all and are rather rooted in self-growth in spite of others and the
    prosperity of your own channel.

    Sorry for dissecting your situation like a motherfucker, all I’ve seen from
    you is this video and I’m not prejudging your whole identity from this.
    Just that if this is how you’re thinking, you should stop and try to make
    yourself more authentic. People love authenticity. 

  9. sweethen says:

    Are you an asthma inhaler because you made my dick hard. ^_~

  10. Frazier Fultz says:

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  11. Isaiah Jones says:

    What’s up Rob! Love your videos i actually go around vsu dong the same
    thing lets connect!! Text or call me as soon as you can! 678 510 6174

  12. ThiIs MyLife says:

    steel doing this, 

  13. Gertrude Plipos says:

    You are a loser.

  14. Bone Fish says:

    whats wrong with your voice

  15. Based God says:

    It’s rorshach without his mask.

  16. Le Atheist Master Race .Redditor says:

    Hit her with “eyy bby u wan sum fuk” and then tip le fedora XD. Panty
    dropper right there. Also visit reddit.com for more tips on how to pick up

  17. miranda papsmear says:

    why the fuck didnt you tell the girls they were kind or sweet or something,

    they were way too nice to you, esp the ones that gave u their numbers

  18. sklorb iit says:

    r u batman

  19. BionicSammich says:

    Quit the fags and lose the douche shades.

  20. Dom Inic says:

    Do you know where the rec center is? Ok, I actually just needed a reason to
    talk to you so I could rec that anus.

  21. Sour Gummyworms says:

    Are you batman? Cause I’d date you under the assumption that when we’re not
    together you’re batman.

  22. Harry Chapman says:

    Your confidence is more intimidating than attractive because it seems
    artificial, like you have ulterior motives (which you did, making a video)
    but this kind of thing causes alarm bells to go off in people’s heads and
    they’re likely to give you the number just so you leave them alone. I don’t
    imagine many of those numbers actually ended in dates.

    It sounds cliche, but it’s the truth – just be yourself. Be a confident
    version of yourself, but be yourself none-the-less. This artificial persona
    is off-putting.

  23. Tyler Williams says:

    That was great bro! 

  24. Destinyakajojo says:

    Robbie u still. Luvs u :*

  25. PMDownUp says:

    Robbie is back!! Okay playa, playa, but that one girl though… not likely…
    what a grinch.

  26. Ellis Julianne says:

    Free Live Sex Cam Show, Exclusive Unlimited Access:

  27. Ryan O says:

    thanks. i’ll also add that don’t overcomplicate things. there should be NO
    rules when it comes to interacting and dating women. do whatever YOU want.
    So even if the girl is training it’s fine to stop her.. hell I’ve done it
    when she was running like a nut on the treadmill. just apologize for
    interrupting, tell her she’s pretty, and ask her out. keep it short (under
    a minute) cause you want to respect her workout. if the girl is into you
    she’ll give you the number.

  28. The Attractive Man says:

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