Pick Up Lines In Public / The Best Pick Up Artists In Action

Pick Up Lines In Public / The Best Pick Up Artists In Action.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Had to downgrade the Quailty a bit… A tidbit on EP 3 of PUA.

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14 Responses to Pick Up Lines In Public / The Best Pick Up Artists In Action

  1. Temujin18S says:

    First guy was Johnny he wasn’t even trying to be serious or pick her up lol
    he was warming up

  2. Dario Orozco says:

    these guys got some B#$%$#LLS

  3. freshtonnes859 says:

    “Yeah finish yourself off” – french guy. LOL

  4. bmf439 says:

    “you look so normal” – damn! XD

  5. iffi raj says:

    even the sh** english speaking french got numbers ……that Australian guy
    sounds awsome,,,english guys is brilliant

  6. ZOE WILLIAMS says:

    I don’t think you’re supposed to approach a potential date by saying “have
    you lost your parents” …. just so you know

  7. Andy Hainey says:

    well played sir

  8. muscismyh3art says:

    Best….. Camera….. man….. EVER!

  9. Flavio Gomez says:

    traduccion al español!

  10. Sowrdfish8 says:

    Lol French guy is creepy as hell. …Do not attempt when you sound like a

  11. bobo hobodabba says:

    English guys got shit swagg

  12. Jake West says:


  13. hekima hekima says:

    im better

  14. sharkshka says:

    Hey Rucker!!! Whats up homie!? I would have to agree with you on matt. I
    was yelling at the T.V. “Cut and stack! Cut and Stack!” lol but its all
    good, maybe Mystery didn’t fully explain how to cut and stack yet. Greg was
    a pimp, Brian had awesome energy where I was thinking “This guy would be in
    my social circle.” And the dude that had 3 girls was a super pimp. lol.
    Miss you bro and I’ll post something pretty soon on Inner game and theory.
    Some day i want to be an inner game guru. peace bro

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