Persian Fob Picks Up Girls

Ali aka Crazy Persian Fob Picks Up White Girls At The Beach! PD M COMEDY/ WIDE UNIVERSE STUDIOS SHARE/COMMENT/SUBSCRIBE http://www.facebook….
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Persian Fob Picks Up Girls

  1. UselessTv says:

    she wanted ali’s joje kebab so bad. 

  2. gina re says:


  3. LV23 says:

    A pickup line like no other… This time Ali is trying his best.

  4. bob dadaw says:

    loll I could tell you got caught up in the moment and the accent was fading
    a bit xD. Still a great video

  5. Diamond Back says:

    Hello hi hahahahaha

  6. Daniyal Adalli says:


  7. swru PvP says:

    Like + share 

  8. Arash S says:

    oh come ooooooooooooon, don’t shit on Persian girls!!!
    Still funny though, LOL

  9. Daniyal Adalli says:


  10. swru PvP says:

    WooWwWW iranian 4ver ! 

  11. PD M says:

    Ali actually managed to pick up white girls LOL.. Enjoy!

  12. Arash S says:


  13. Ryan Gheyssen says:

    Lol “ve are like de hairy monkeys, we creep around de bush”
    Vai vai vai

  14. Plushteddybear69 says:

    Love it

  15. Poop Pee says:

    ah this guy’s great x

  16. vancity ismine says:


  17. Sam Burrows says:

    To good haha

  18. Sepy Bazzazi says:


  19. Nima Yazdi says:

    The level of esvag is just so HIGH

  20. John Gloglob says:

    I’m dead

  21. Ervin Khosroshahi says:

    Try and pick up persian girls Hahahaha!! 

  22. Lea Vohn says:

    Do more of this please

  23. easydoesit604 says:

    haha awesome brah! “we are high ranking” 

  24. StringsofTruth B says:

    lol Gov phone!

  25. Lea Vohn says:

    Hahaha i was dying at 1:01
    “when i was in eraan”

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