Online Dating For Men – Mythbusting On How To Use Dating Sites To Meet Women Online

Check out the advanced training at Meet real women next week using online dating. Watch these tips on how you build your …
Video Rating: 4 / 5 ,Online Dating Advice For Men Attract Beautiful Women With a Killer Profile, how to get a girl how to get a…
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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27 Responses to Online Dating For Men – Mythbusting On How To Use Dating Sites To Meet Women Online

  1. Top 10 Best Dating Sites says:

    Who’s afraid of Online Dating?
    Think you don’t have what it takes? Wrong!
    Watch this video and set your profile today here:

  2. Online Dating Survival says:

    It helps. So does proper spelling though…

  3. Online Dating Survival says:

    Abso-fucking-lutely… Well said, amigo

  4. Gamereaper150 says:

    i thought that was you in profile pic

  5. Online Dating Survival says:

    Thinking that is not helping you out at all, man…

  6. HandyMan101 says:

    Never get online dating advice from a tall handsome guy with dark hair and
    tats. The average dude has no shot with today’s women. period.

  7. Logan Braveheart says:

    Hell yeah, this is what I’ve been telling so many men you need to pay! So
    many of these women are plans so many games because they don’t have to pay
    for anything if they are forced to pay, then less bullshit! Well done video

  8. Michael Windstorm says:

    My Fifty Online Dates by Michael Windstorm. A hilarious true story about
    fifty unforgettable online dates! Laugh and learn!

  9. eatingvegan1234 says:

    Do not have photos of yourself with other women. She will avoid you.

  10. Online Dating Survival says:

    So not true, it isn’t even funny ;) Don’t let personal preference interfere
    with human nature

  11. Online Dating Survival says:

    your spam’s showing…

  12. joge82 says:

    Why did you look @ your Tattoo buddy. Or is it a randomly “A scan” checking
    your body though.

  13. Barry Sabahat says:

    You are a smart fellow!

  14. Online Dating Survival says:

    So much proof to the contrary it isn’t even funny…

  15. Online Dating Survival says:

    Looks aren’t everything!

  16. Online Dating Survival says:

    W.R.O.N.G. wrongwrongwrong…

  17. Online Dating Survival says:


  18. Online Dating Survival says:

    Um, what? a scan? I don’t do any of the PUA stuff – seems like overkill
    personally, but if it works for you great!

  19. hoopy1111 says:

    I hope I don’t look like anyone from jersey shore lol

  20. youisiaint says:

    Women DON’T want “nice guys”. They are in DENIAL and they need to realize

  21. DatingSecretsVideos says:

    Good Stuff.

  22. ayla5253 says:

    It’s not just about posting the right profile. What happens when it’s time
    to meet? If you want to know the right things to do or say, how to use
    attraction science in your favor, how to utilize non-verbal communication
    effectively , check out meetsinglesgetadate at the dot com

  23. christine vasquez says:

    very good advice!! Job well done!!

  24. Online Dating Survival says:

    So you missed the part where I said free sites suck? And that’s so not true
    it isn’t even funny… Sad actually

  25. Uzoma93 says:

    If you’re 19 and looking for other reasonably attractive 19-22 year olds,
    its difficult. A lot of girls reply 4-5 times, and then when they get 100’s
    of messages from other guys, they stop, maybe your msg even gets lost. It
    is very easy to go on dates with overweight girls though, if you don’t care
    about looks. I stopped online dating when I got a girl, came back on out of
    curiousity, same girls who were there 5 months ago are still online,
    looking for “Mr Right”.

  26. Max Vin says:

    why there is no comments here?????????????

  27. lillian kansime says:

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