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Day Dream (Explore!)
pick up girls

Image by Loving Earth
"Am I a girl dreaming of a butterfly or is a butterfly dreaming me?"

So, this is more what I had in mind the first time, but had to learn how to do it, first. So here it is, closer to my original vision for this image.

Thanks to Ang again for posing – like that (straight out of bed and with no make-up). She is just naturally this gorgeous!

Poetic visions inspired as ever by Rosie Hardy
Thought bubble inspiration comes from my friend Sandhu =)

With joy.

Edit: This just made explore. I am so happy ‘cos I was just thinking "why is it that my favourite photos never make explore?" Some of my more preppy shots with nice dof were picked up, but my more arty submissions were just not getting much attention – from flickrites or Explore… Then again it is not quantity but quality that matters and I am very chuffed with WHO has commented (as I am a fan of your work, for real!). And that is what counts the most. Thanks y’all!

Asian Girls picking up Cherry Blossom
pick up girls

Image by daveynin

Aw Shucks
pick up girls

Image by Barb Henry
He knows he is cute and he is going to a new home. This is a brother to the other kitten. One of the girls at the office had a a mama cat deliver before getting her fixed, so she is bringing each kitten in to the office to be picked up by the new owners. This is one darling little furball.

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