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Some cool pick up artists images:

Pick A Shirt, Any Shirt
pick up artists

Image by armisteadbooker
Customers line up to find their favorite new shirt from Star76.

Street artist at La Rambla.
pick up artists

Image by andrewjfallon
The artist was picked up and run away with by a tourist. A few seconds after this was taken they both fell quite nastily right at the top of the Metro subway entrance.

Elizabeth Lansdell Hammell — Some pictures
pick up artists

Image by patkashtock
My grandparents were artists. My grandfather, Will Hammell, AKA R. WIlson Hammell, AKA Q. Wilson Hammell, AKA Wilson Hammell, and AKA some others I don’t remember, founded an art agency so he could better promote my grandmother’s painting. He mistakenly believed he could still continue his art work.

Unfortunately, those works of my grandfather that turn up on the web from time to time aren’t his best. The pinup girls he painted under R WIlson Hammell show up most frequently. He never told the family about his "dual" life. We would not have known for sure except an old family friend found a ledger book that had a payment made to R Wilson — sent to my grandparent’s address at 180 Spring Street, in Redbank, NJ.

Both grandparents painted for Vogue and did various magazine covers. My grandfather designed the balloons for the Wonderbread wrapper, and never understood why they kept them as their logo and how that logo endured. He found the whole thing highly amusing. And still — those Wonderbread balloons endure. I can just see him shaking his head in disbelief.

I’ll post some of what I’ve found on the Internet in the comments below. One of these days I’ll figure a way to photograph the painting I have without the flash making a mess of things. I think I know how, but lack an easy way to do it. I guess I can at least scan in the few bookplates I have of my grandfather’s.

The above painting is from one of my grandmother’s magazine covers — see two below. My husband, Mike bought the magazine for me on eBay when he saw who had painted it.

This is just a scanned copy of the magazine cover. I recently worked to restore it to the colors and intensities that my grandmother originally used in the painting. I only posted this because a friend asked to see some of my grandparent’s works. Now that it has been picked up a couple of places, I felt that in fairness to my grandmother, I needed to restore the scanned copy of her work to the way she had actually painted it. I particularly love this period of her work.

This one hung in her studio when I was young — or so I think. If it was not this exact one, then it was a copy. Her style was very much influenced between the art deco and art nouveau works of her young adult time.

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