Mystery PUA Infield Day Game – This Mystery PUA has appeared on the Tyra Banks Show. He learned a few of my Day Game Tactics. Now you know most dating compan…
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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26 Responses to Mystery PUA Infield Day Game

  1. vladimir kokorin says:

    I found that truly insightful. I found myself so confounded noticing my mate go from being lame to a ladies man. He went from zero to hero. He pretended he didn’t notice. Then he explained it to me while he was drunk. Turns out he makes use of the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it and you will discover it… He is on a date today with a sexy girl… Where are the most useful of these movies online?

  2. smirk fiski says:

    These videos are good. I found myself so confounded looking at my buddy move from being a loser to a ladies man. He started getting women over night. He acted as if it was natural for a while. He ultimately admitted it on Friday. He said he learned from the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it if you want to learn about it… He’s dating a beauty… Lucky fucker!

  3. mucholoko90 says:

    fuck… the music is too loud… sometimes it’s hard to understand him

  4. enodmeedgraffa says:

    Where to buy this jacket?

  5. The1stPoster says:

    Yes, every single woman on planet earth is a paid actor. That explains your failures, lmao.

  6. taekemwolf1 says:

    this is a scam. their good at scamming people. and if they do get girls they scam them into believeing their more important then they are. all the girls in all these videos are actors i could do that too

  7. Jackie Chan says:

    but show us a video where the guy acually looks like shit.. and watch this thing go to fail to hell Lol

  8. pflanzal gemin says:

    Ok we’ve analysed this video now properly dude
    that take I CLOSEBACK
    that take I seriously dude
    that take I closeback
    closeback seriously dude
    they have it earned

  9. TheSuccessunlimited says:

    Hello guys. A quick share. My office mate had used this system to get his current spouse. Every guy should watch and learn this stuff before going after any chick for success. I just started using it too. Pay close attention to the free video. Blew my mind. Just go to GetYourGirl then dot TK (yes, I said dot tk). Important: Then actually try what you learn asap.

  10. EyeOfSheikah says:

    Man he looks like Didier Deschamps, check google haha

  11. Blackouti386 says:

    “Guys we are not gay” *Awkward silence*….

    They gay.

  12. Maymei LoveFantasy says:

    Why is it that those PUAs always hit on girls between 7-8?! Show us some fucking 10s infield footage!

  13. Mamun Miah says:

    If you guys really want to learn about proper daygame. Watch simplepickup on YouTube. These guys are real pros anf they teach you how to have fun.with chicks

  14. AlfieAesthetics says:

    If you want to know how to REALLY treat women and get in their pants, then check out my vid. In my vid you’ll learn some real tips on how to get women in the sack, and these tips are as simple.


  15. A.K.M. SHAHIDUZZAMAN says:

    @zhzlmsi his techniques are not that powerful BTW! have a look at this video it shows some really powerful techniques >>

  16. 3mundi says:

    But he is actually quite good at the same time

  17. 3mundi says:

    This guy just comes across as a douche

  18. BuildingBrandYOU says:


  19. lugogustavo42 says:

    Knew it!! Bitches love the affliction shirts bro! Lol

  20. PlayerSchool101 says:

    This dude needs a different haircut and jacket. He looks like a superhero! But he’ll probably kick ass in the future he seems like a smart dude.

  21. MrBarrabas009 says:

    fuck this

  22. kiran sangu says:

    @qszqylj yeah you can meet plenty of girls like that and… if your looking for really powerful new tech have a look at this video:

  23. Alvaro Egas says:


  24. henrique menendez says:

    You nerds make this shit so complicated. DAMN!

  25. spritsengiggle says:

    I’m gonna get this DVD! :)

  26. geq3102 says:

    The fuck is this ?
    Mystery thinks he’s Carl Sagan’s reincarnation ?

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