Mystery Method Volume 4 part3

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9 Responses to Mystery Method Volume 4 part3

  1. superdave103db says:

    Trust me it dosnt matter how good your fucking story is the girl will get borad very quickly

  2. Momentimum says:

    Can I use that as a close? “I’m going to see you. When the sun is down. Over here.”

  3. DavePazz says:

    @MARK MILES – Yes… if women actually used male logic, which they don’t. So instead, they become even more drawn in at that moment.

  4. MARK MILES says:

    at 2:21 — this is the moment when the women suddenly decide to leave you in unison.

  5. HealthandFitnessMan says:

    Mystery Method and structured game is a scam. They’re one and the same if you google “Adam Lyons should I spill the beans?” (he was a Mystery Method UK instructor)
    $1300 Adam’s Lyons Bootcamp
    $3000-$4000 Love Systems/Venusian Arts Bootcamp
    $7000 Adam Lyons 7 day course

    so if you want I’ll happily take $11,300 via PayPal with a follow up telephone consultation FREE of charge- LOL.

  6. questshun says:

    I have a huge boner from watching a Taco Bell commercial.

  7. themainguypaul says:

    Neil Strauss part 1

  8. campbpar says:

    Something rattling around his throat like a pack a day.

  9. ProdigalSon222 says:

    facebook is the most amazing tool ever for creating jealousy – ive used facebook a lot to secure dates and make girls jealous. . facebook has done me a world of good and I think pick up artists have generally neglected the significance of facebook on the game – facebook is enables the guy to inspire jealousy in the girl without even speaking to her – say if you upload a picture of you and a couple of girls (without the ‘target) you inspire a loottt of jealousy in the girl that likes you. .

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