Mystery Method by RavenGaigeSmith

Response to: RGS1,2,3 and however many backups you make… You’ll never get a lady the way you act. You talk funny…
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26 Responses to Mystery Method by RavenGaigeSmith

  1. Tyrtamus says:

    Hey raven good job on blocking me. I guess you can handle telling other
    people they should die, but not vice versa.

  2. WolfTheAtheist says:

    @ravengaigesmith Dont be surprised that a feminist will come to your house
    and slaps you for your comments on feminism, feminists are cool, your the
    reason why women hate men you idiot, take speech theraphy

  3. spikesmth says:

    Are you equating education with head-in-ass syndrome?

  4. bobble12221 says:

    Spike, why do you even know of the “Mystery Method”‘s existence? It’s not
    like you have a lack of women interested, I’m sure! Ravengaigesmith will be
    a ladykiller one day. Probably literally, though.

  5. spikesmth says:

    I think you’re better off leaving the topic alone. It’s clear you’re a
    virgin who can’t get any just hating player for figuring out how to be what
    women want. But you don’t care what women want, you just want them to stay
    in the goddamn kitchen like Leave it to Beaver. You fail at ideas.

  6. ChristianMission says:

    Raven’s right on this issue. You can call him names, you call him a
    “virgin,” as if that is a bad thing, but he is right. Guys like those in
    the PUA are a step back for men; they are an abomination to real men. You
    want to call Raven a misogynist? lol Things like the PUA are founded on
    misogyny, on objectification and degradation of women.

  7. h8uall66 says:

    Have you ever noticed that it’s the guys that are the least sexually
    appealing that want limit the options of women? Typically these are the
    same people that don’t accept evolution either. Hmmm, could it be that they
    actually understand that they are being selected out and are simply
    rebelling? Is that all creationism is, the denial that you are too stupid
    and ugly to pass on your genes?

  8. The Angry Warlord says:

    Thanks for replying something that doesn’t mean anything to me but for
    atheist. You can’t judge cells to god because cells are living
    micro-organism, god is eternal man that exist within a border plane of the
    sky. So these two examples are not related in any way. Any more good
    examples that require that the christian god can’t be seen, but I know he
    is there?

  9. The Angry Warlord says:

    Since I hate to defend atheist, I have to go what your thinking is. Your
    saying that atheist are evil, manipulating, bastards, that since they don’t
    have believe in god that they don’t have good judgement. Wow you’re further
    from the truth, atheist are human, they tend to make good or bad decisions
    based on what they have been taught upon in life and yes we all make mad
    decisions once in a while. so you think since they don’t believe in god
    that they just turn evil-_-?

  10. Shadowthehedgehog89 says:

    @ravengaigesmith3 YOU’RE A FAGGOT RAVEN! LEARN TO SPEAK CLEARLY!!!!!!!!!! I

  11. n3rdm4n says:

    Someone should put this guy in a ring with a pro boxer of the female

  12. spikesmth says:

    Wow dude, you’re a pathetic paranoid pussy. Stop blaming your problems, or
    the world’s problems on a player. I thought you already left your two
    cents. You talk a lot of shit, but you’re still gonna be a sad lonely boy.
    Maybe you should take some lessons from Mystery, learn how to respect a
    female, then MAYBE, MAAAYYYYBE you could catch one.

  13. chachee99 says:

    I think mystery offers people who can teach people how to develope good
    social skills. However, his whole theory about why men fear the approach is
    non-sense. I have not seen any evidence that supports tribal leaders
    killing off members of their own tribe for approaching a woman. Neither any
    evidence that women will go around telling each other not to have sex with
    a man because he was not “pre-selected”.

  14. LeopardFrogPilboxhat says:

    PUA shit is so pathetic

  15. REBMike1 says:

    RavenGaigeSmith needs to get back inside his TARDIS and go back to the
    bronze age. What a dickhead.

  16. The Angry Warlord says:

    “Dating isnt a game its an experience for two ppl to talk & see what they
    have in common” You believe no one knows this? Wow you need to get out a
    little more, of course people know this, unless they are a
    rapist.Extrodinary claims require extrodinary evidence which you don’t
    have. You just ramble on without proof you sexist person. I am suprised
    that your jew taking over the world idea, comes from a book called the
    protocols of the learned leaders of zion.

  17. spikesmth says:

    Actually, if you’ve ever seen the show, or know anything about ‘game’,
    respect is one of the core ideas. It’s about adjusting your behavior to
    appear (sometimes dishonestly) more appealing to women. Mystery is an alpha
    male, Raven is lower case omega. It’s obvious he’s a misogynist because he
    has no game and he’s frustrated at what a monumental failure he is with the

  18. spikesmth says:

    21st dude :-)

  19. spikesmth says:

    Actually I think he is the one who gets his cock sucked. You’re hilawious
    man, nothing but weak player hatin’. My vid speaks for itself, you hate
    women, women read that, they reject you back. You just need to get used to
    the fact that dim bulbs don’t gather moths.

  20. saxmanchiro says:

    The misogynist is clearly suffering from FAS. The alcohol that his momma
    drank while carrying him, made some serious DNA damage while he was
    forming. Another possibility is that he has been brainwashed by his
    religious culture that he grew up with. Could be both.

  21. phantomgirl84 says:

    To the sorry excuse of a human being ravengaigesmith3: You, sir, are part
    of what’s wrong with today’s society and your hatred of women is what’s
    ruining your chances of finding dates (and I don’t think you ever will
    anyway). It’s sexist assholes like you who need to lack the ability to
    reproduce. Less people like you in the world, the better.

  22. spikesmth says:

    LOL fool, you’d be sterilizing the very males the females depend on to
    continue our species! You’re better off without the means to reproduce man,
    sorry, just the facts.

  23. htoontube says:

    The “Mystery Method” guy has the same exact voice as John Edward, the
    conniving lying thieving sob.

  24. BILLYRUBAN says:

    the only way that guy gets any is when it would be called rape, by

  25. WolfTheAtheist says:

    @ravengaigesmith So whats your opinion on donating sperm to lesbians so
    they can have a child? It probably drives you crazy huh? When was the last
    time you had sex?

  26. sleeve1986 says:

    This guy is god i took his advice last week i got a kiss close with a 28
    year old married woman who was at least a 8 out of ten and last night i had
    a one night stand with a woman who was an 8 again x

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