Mehow Interview on “The Girl’s Game” | Pick Up Artist, Romantic Instructor | NMR Exclusive

The Girl’s Game: Mehow’s Book:…

This is the 2nd episode of the 100 dollar bet!!! The Big 2 Films crew visit the Richmond Night Market. Arnel is dared by Justin to try and Pick up Girls. Zab…

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15 Responses to Mehow Interview on “The Girl’s Game” | Pick Up Artist, Romantic Instructor | NMR Exclusive

  1. kittenforbunny says:

    The audio I have by this guy is the worst game series I’ve ever heard, yet I like what he’s saying here.
    The stuff I have by him he just blabs and makes awful jokes with some girl and never says anything useful. It’s almost like how being punked. Unlistenable and a total waste of time. Absolutely painful I’m not exaggerating.

  2. AmateurVisions says:

    Mehow? LOL that guy is a scam. Internet marketer who copy pastes stuff.

  3. SaddamJose says:

    i’m not hating or anything but… YOU WASTED OPPORTUNITY NUMBER 4!!!! That girl was hot!! xD She wanted help… she wanted help!!! I’m soooo disappointed… :D

  4. TheBuhzaR says:

    Or it could mean shes waiting for her friend who is a girl? o.0?

  5. captrex1 says:

    lol that doesnt mean anything she might go both ways lmao. 10:51

  6. jplapatha says:

    richmond night market…legit

  7. Deemole says:

    I’d admit u got game. But you get stuck on what to say. Happens man. And a market to pick up girls? Go to like a bar or club and I’m sure you’ll get it.

  8. Yummygreek says:


  9. big2films says:

    check out the big2films page :)

  10. relpictures says:

    : is there a link or video response?

  11. relpictures says:

    that was pretty funny…..when does episode 3 come out???

  12. Kenneth del Rosario says:

    cool ep. hey arnel, ask for my number and you won’t get disappointed. i promise! haha

  13. relpictures says:

    “hey uh, i didn’t know uh…hey there i didn’t know that angels uh, flew this low…where are you goin’?…am I creepin’ you? so uh, no number today?…ok, nice meeting you”

  14. Cheryll Lingal says:

    good work :)

  15. PandaJiveLive says:

    “Wanna meet up after?” “No…”

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