MB: Dating, Crushes & How 2 Get Them 2 Notice U!

Prodigy, Ray Ray, Princeton & Roc Royal spill on what they look for in a girl, how they can tell if one of the guys has a crush, & reveal how you can get the…
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There are quite a bit of scammers on dating websites, but would you know a fake profile from a real one? Leroy Velasquez, a rep from SeekingArrangements.com …

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49 Responses to MB: Dating, Crushes & How 2 Get Them 2 Notice U!

  1. Kayanna2000 says:

    Am I the only getting tired of “What you look for in a girl” type questions? We all know already like ask something new

  2. Angelina Escobar says:

    Prodigy dosn’t talk so much anymore during interviews

  3. Timepass1012 says:

    Shit. I am so very envious of my brother at present. He’s been single always and forever. By some fluke, he has got a model to deeply love him in no time. Just how can that be actually possible? He smiled and told me he tried the Cupid Love System (Google it!) I wish someone attractive told me that… I’ve not witnessed him so content. Kinda makes me sick.

  4. Janiya Watts says:

    I luhhj u Roc

  5. Trish Styles says:

    i think i had a heart attack

  6. Lysey96 says:

    But how do I go about having a conversation with you? I’m just over here.

  7. laylani price says:

    im sorry prod but it looks like something threw up in ur hair like forealzies

  8. Jade London Rodriques says:

    i luv u ray ray
    ur boo from ja

  9. Ohsnap Itzme says:

    I have a good sense of style (so, I’m told and I believe)

    I’m creative

    I’m smart

    I’m confident

    I’m open minded

    I work (at least I WILL when I CAN. *rolls eyes* labor laws. XD)


  10. Charlene James says:

    Princeton ! Oml.
    I love his types of way In a girl.

  11. elisabeth pickle says:

    You spelled your husband’s name wrong

  12. elisabeth pickle says:

    Very true

  13. Tatyana Henry says:

    I love Princeton!

  14. Nicole Johnson says:

    I Love All Of Ya’ll Especially You Princeton XD

  15. pokhrel ank says:

    Alright. I’m pissed. My friend sleeps on the floor above me. I’m displeased because he just turned extraordinary at seducing gals. The guy discovered the Master Attraction website by Jake Ayres (Look in Google). All he’s doing now is fucking women. He’s consistently bringing females back and I can’t help but hear it, which is gross. I wish he never discovered that site. I am green with envy!

  16. miracleboykins12 says:

    I loveeeeeeeee rock royal that is my man:))))))

  17. Kay Bradley says:

    Guys, don’t get so worked up about “Oh, they only like this skin-colored girl or this “whatever. They’re still growing up, it’s not as if they’re looking for wives. XD When they’re mature adults they will grow out of that mentality if all what you’re saying is even true. Yeah, so just chill. XD

  18. Arian Combs says:

    I love roc ray and prod pricentons smile is so sexy

  19. Daebreon Parter says:

    what i wanted to say i love money to prod

  20. vonshondatoomer5 says:

    That girl needs to hush the hell up

  21. treblertyvona says:

    Princeton is beautiful

  22. Jaidah McIntosh says:

    princeton’s smile is so beautiful

  23. Tiyah Snell says:

    Couldn’t help but smile :)

  24. valgwada2011 says:

    i love you princeton

  25. Viponly Biz says:

    Check out the “go break the ice” dating app/website 100% real and allow you to date friends of the friends.

  26. Revulsion06 says:

    how can this dude be so dumb i feel this is scripted/coached bs

  27. boredgeek says:

    I thought I was hearing things :P

  28. TzeentchsKnight says:


  29. IN73RJ3c7I0N says:

    This is the 4th episode I’ve watched and I appreciate how Kim’s mistakes aren’t edited out. It’s so natural. +Approval (you care! I’m your viewer!)

  30. alberthammondstrokes says:

    2:04 someone turns on a mac and Kim discreetly turns towards the person…mini expression :)

  31. mochalex says:

    I’m just looking for my sugar momma.

  32. mohammad0988 says:


  33. mohammad0988 says:


  34. Smartiezs says:

    “I’m a Nigerian Princess”, sounds legit

  35. Gamesman01 says:

    Might be Mishka. I just liked the meme and it looked like my Shep-mix dog Rocky who was smarter than some humans.
    I believe most religion is a scam to gain money and/or power however it might have started.
    I’m leery of any place I have to give my personal data to.

  36. Keovar says:

    Skeptical Dog looks a lot like Mishka, the Siberian Husky who appears on a series of YT videos of her ‘talking’.
    My condolences on your loss, but I don’t think there’s evidence for any sort of afterlife, canine or otherwise. For me, my lack of god-belief is just part of my skepticism of supernatural things in general.
    OKCupid & PlentyOfFish are both free dating sites, but OKC works much better & their matching questions system makes it a lot harder for people to make fake profiles.

  37. Gamesman01 says:

    Hmm… the image I used is “Skeptical Dog” which is much like my outlook on life. Also it looks much like a beloved pet that passed (no I don’t believe in doggy heaven). Religion is fine if it works for you but like mucus only share with those that are already infected. I’ve run into a few fakes myself, one who claimed to be a 12 yr old girl I recommended books to because she wasted her time on twilight.

  38. MonkeyKingGhost . says:

    This show gets better everyday

  39. Keovar says:

    Nah, they actually do work. I’ve met quite a few real people and never gotten scammed. Maybe that’s because I’m a skeptic and I’ve become used to recognizing when something seems like BS. I’m also an atheist and while I’m friends with non-extreme religious people, I don’t seek them out to date.
    There have been a handful of profiles I thought were fake on a free site I use, but I just report them for review and they get taken down.

  40. damaxterpiece says:

    That was a great accent lmfao

  41. Deltor says:

    So don’t trust anyone online who claims to be a Catholic Native American Nigerian.

  42. Gamesman01 says:

    Reason #1 to not use dating sites.

  43. bamboo4tameshigiri says:


  44. bamboo4tameshigiri says:

    Protip: Never give gifts to a girl (significant other, whatever) that you haven’t actually FUCKED yet. Simple. Problem solved.

  45. AlexPanzerADT says:

    But I’m from Ukraine.

  46. Sporemine says:

    She is out there, just keep looking

  47. Brier Lappin says:

    But my Fake Perfect Woman is a pure black atheist nerd that hates fish and authority…why can’t I find the Fake Love of my life??? =(

  48. Lieselotte De Bruyne says:

    omg marry me

  49. Brier Lappin says:

    “…the fake profiles are of women..or female”

    Same thing Tim…yeah

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