LIONISM Street Magic – How Magicians Pickup Girls Far from Criss Angel – From David Blaine to David Lion. LIONISM TV.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to LIONISM Street Magic – How Magicians Pickup Girls

  1. BaconandFunPhillipos says:

    Holy shit those bitches are a bunch of cunts. Good show though.

  2. Toz4gi says:

    1:07 ur name is just so easy to read:D

  3. Marco Mund says:

    Man how can you not know her? She be rollin with Snoop Lion!

  4. DaRealDragonBorn says:

    nev mind lol

  5. Cameron Crawford says:

    They were so rude…and then they couldn’t even pay attention. The fug?

  6. simply big says:

    What a bunch of bitches. Fucking rude and no class at all

  7. z08840 says:

    –How do you move it?
    –Fishing line!!!


  8. jboogkirk says:

    Dude looked like wiz khalifa

  9. 4lifebeanerz says:

    crazy ass shit!!!!!!

  10. theRPGclub says:

    You should definitely know about me. How did you do that seriously. Can i shuffle it or something. Tell me how u do it. I want to pick a card. These bitches need to shut the fuck up

  11. PotentialFashionista says:

    These people are too much..

  12. adalbermirom says:

    nice. I know how you put the card on hands, but I don t the second part of this trick.
    falow mano.

  13. FromPoetryToRap says:

    How do you that? Lionism. What? hey so you mixed up the deck right?

  14. 3peats says:

    he does it for the pussy!!!! lmao

  15. drewgilchrist says:

    he does magic and gets the pussy later… I know that trick LMAO!

  16. kingmcbrian says:

    o…m…f….g O_o soooo cocky! O.o

  17. Brandon Kinross says:

    lol @ the mother hen in white who showed up to try to bust you.
    You know if you convince her you can sleep with all her friends.

  18. mwsonline says:

    Youre good, dont get me wrong. But if you want me or anyone else to believe this “Lionism” thing, get your own identity. All i see is David Blaine, with BAD people skills. So unorganized. So boring. Jay Jay of freemagiclive is so much better. Watch his people skills. Its just your tricks are boring and VERY slow. You need to make your videos enjoyable for everyone to watch, not just the people that were in the video.

  19. Andres Blea says:

    Stuck up bitch

  20. Victor Rubio says:

    that dude that was with them is a fucking little bitch!! talking all that shit!!

  21. Ashtar Avatar says:

    Dude, that’s awesome. Keep rockin’!

  22. 1980artist says:

    i like this. street magic isnt always smooth like they show on t.v. theres people that are assholes and real performers come across them. you handled that well.

  23. David Kay says:

    “we’re from nicaragua” who the hell ask you where u from? lol…Lionism

  24. xzamples says:


  25. MicroSkillz says:


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