JDOG VH1 The Pickup Artist PUA – Day Game vs Night

http://www.ASKJDOG.com Clip taken from the ASK JDOG newsletter, where JDOG is discussing the differences between opening during the day versus at night. JDOG…
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25 Responses to JDOG VH1 The Pickup Artist PUA – Day Game vs Night

  1. rob10868 says:

    Jdog reppin’ Leeds! woo, day game on Briggate Street rocks! definitely a
    target rich environment…

  2. bob10001234 says:

    yeah. I should probably dress like a faggot and spike my hair, that’ll help

  3. mickey rourke says:

    I want to some clubs with a friend and although I got good initial
    responses I started to act like more of a nice guy and then girl tells,me
    she has a bf …she was from Ireland but I was wondering why she is out at
    a club …and notice same thing happened again at upscale club when I
    started going nice guy logical convo again

  4. Crescendo says:

    like this guy. He’s got more taste and charm than most of the other nerdy
    sleazebags in the PUA comunity.

  5. Matthew Egan says:


  6. BlueRevolver says:

    “Mom! The Meatloaf! FUCK!!”

  7. ASK JDOG says:

    Yep girls love that necklace.. I actually got it for a couple of bucks in
    some small shop somewhere in San Francisco years ago.

  8. jackdentreprenuer says:

    the bad thing about night club is everyone’s defensive, and there’s too
    many insecure people, and I am not a night person. I go to bed at 6pm and
    wake up at 3am. I love direct day game.

  9. mickey rourke says:

    So I’m being told by more experienced guys that I have to be more
    mysterious and challenging and not say exactly what I do but let them guess
    to get emotional value from woman and do some negging

  10. Zac6230 says:

    he’s hair is awesome

  11. Variationz says:

    nothing will help u bro.

  12. v4641 says:

    So in the DAY game, do you NEG if its just one girl? Also, how do you get
    into C1 if your like at a mall or something

  13. Mammaluigi23 says:

    jdog from hu?

  14. nyinyer says:


  15. Jali005 says:

    no you dont

  16. bob10001234 says:

    Come on no one can like that hair

  17. thetealady66 says:

    From a woman’s perspective, I find JDog extremely handsome. His voice,
    confidence, hair… he’s beyond “types”, a man who makes woman ask herself
    “What’s in him that I find so attractive?”. He exploits himself well.
    Please guys, pay attention!

  18. Ammy Vega Darya says:

    Great video clip. I’m here simply because my mate without warning turned
    extraordinary with women. He went from a nobody into being outstanding. He
    pretended he failed to notice. He finally came clean on Friday. He said he
    learned from the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it and you
    will get it… He is on a date now with a stunning girl… Lucky fucker!

  19. bob10001234 says:

    Same difference.

  20. DJKhal21 says:

    I think he’s losing his British accent cuz he’s been living in the U.S.
    …and interacts with U.S. women…and is involved with all the pickup
    artists over here..like Style, Matador, Mystery…etc…none have British

  21. Sweets Cruz says:

    you rule j dog ;)

  22. Motown025 says:

    jdog meets antiques roadshow, i’m almost tempted to offer you literally
    several english pounds for that lamp

  23. Karan13 says:

    Haha, love the text message !

  24. internet740 says:

    i’m sure hes alot hotter then u

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