How To Pickup Girls (Lance210)

Watch close and learn step by step how you can pick up girls… Vine By: Lance210 Tags: VineExperience How To Puck Up Girls Picking Up Girls Tutorial Advice …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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17 Responses to How To Pickup Girls (Lance210)

  1. bernhardweber says:

    thats awesome :D I love acrobatic and lifting girls but normally they don`t
    scream that joyfull. you must be a very good lifter :)

  2. Welshyy says:

    Omg how hadn’t this got a million views?

  3. TheEmmastar123 says:

    Ouch XD

  4. Nahodakk says:

    you spelled “How to get in jail” wrong

  5. The griefer Warrior says:


  6. fickenfakku says:


  7. ZeWolfie McWolf says:


  8. LeoPoier says:

    He hella just dropped her ass

  9. ThatoneASMR says:

    Lance got vine famous for one vine that was accidentally funny. The rest of
    his vines are bad

  10. Colin McFarlane says:

    then why are you here? leave envious one XD

  11. Logan Perrone says:

    She dropped

  12. ThisSilentG says:

    because its not worthy.

  13. Andy Shick says:

    Who is that girl? She looks hot!

  14. David Mortimer says:

    Stirling work son, you just committed assault and then proceeded to put the
    evidence up on social media. I seriously hope she gets you charged
    numbnuts, so you can tell a fella called “Bubba” how funny that was…

  15. Ace Tom says:

    ur really bad

  16. Rho d'Tana says:

    wow… you totally ripped that off…….. great job…. not.

  17. Nick6Michael says:

    Simple Pick Up, Type It In The YouTube Search Bar.

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