HOW TO PICK UP AMERICAN GIRLS – (Kisses, Dates, and Infield Pickups of Bruce and Justin Wayne) PUA

Learn HOW to ATTRACT and Seduce Women HERE: Justin Wayne and Bruce Wayne of Justin Wayne Dating (http://www.justin…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

On a scale from 1 to 10, what would you rate me in attractiveness? This is the question we asked random girls (and some guys). Guys always give girls ratings…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to HOW TO PICK UP AMERICAN GIRLS – (Kisses, Dates, and Infield Pickups of Bruce and Justin Wayne) PUA

  1. oyu8 says:

    Solid game Justin. anyone ever tell you that you look like Nas?

  2. mustang9279 says:

    united we stand

  3. Daniel Marin says:

    fuck my life.

  4. Don Nilo says:

    wtf i just realize it was my nature behavior fuckk no wonder girls always ask me to bang them even when i dont have the intention!!

  5. AJROCKZ123 says:

    Now do Black American girls.

  6. njbibbos says:

    Are you guys still doing the $5 meetup thing in NYC?

  7. Hugh Mannity says:

    He probably kissed your girl, tongues and everything, you mad?

  8. JustinWayneDating says:

    Game is a out getting girls. Personal Development is about getting more in life.

  9. cody bradg says:

    So canned. You do the same thing every single time man. You’re just shooting for the result. I feel like you’re not enjoying the process. I mean how could you if you do the same thing every single time? Not tryin to hate but… The game is about more than just girls.

  10. YoMomaEdit says:


  11. Sweetheartbabez says:


  12. Ahmere Ware says:

    Bruh stop kissin niggas girls.. Ion know how you haven’t gotten that ass whipped yet.

  13. 818RoyS says:

    Do all women really have boyfriends when they say they do, or is just an excuse that they think will work to make most men stay away?

  14. RiceDoe says:

    I agree. I had a friend that thought his girl was a quality princess because she didnt drink, worked out, vegan, and was almost done earning her Master’s. 4 months in the relationship he was passed pics from a few guys that showed her in Double Penetration that were taken a couple wks b4!!! She was in a relationship with my friend but she had a fetish for DP threesomes with these 2 guys that she knew since HS.

    You just never know man. If she never blows you, theirs someone that she blows always

  15. RiceDoe says:

    It gives the effect that they’re not too invested in the girl to even stop from listening to their music while in mid convo. Also gives the illusion that the meet up was unintentional.

  16. RiceDoe says:

    Wow. Black women are so desperate for white men that they’re begging PUA’s to teach white men how 2 talk to them. This has got to be the most pathetic comment that I’ve read from a woman in yrs LOL

    I had roommate in college that was white and he too also said that bw are way too easy and will sleep with him solely because he’s white. White men are not afraid to approach you, they just think the vast majority of you are repulsive, loud and masculine. Just like every other race of men does. LOL

  17. SureThing890 says:

    Why would they want to do that? lmao

  18. Prashant Bhardwaj says:

    how how the fuck wow hats of to you guys

  19. dubberman d says:

    How do you keep your energy up?

  20. silva1233 says:

    Do you listen to music while you pick up or do you use your phone to record the conversation?…. had to ask ha

  21. ObjectivePUA says:


  22. Zexel14 says:

    Look, I am not American. For me it is in fact easier with Americans but more difficult with my mother tongue. Sure it’s a subjective feeling and that eventually all women are calibrated equally but the ease of getting into a conversation is a different. If you have the skills you can manage. If not a language barrier can be actually quite helpful because then it’s even about less factors that can be considered for success,

  23. JustinWayneDating says:

    We have videos of everything you mentioned. There are two girl African girls in video ‘Justin Wayne Begins’. We also have a video that shows rejections show stop assuming. However good game is measured by success percentages. Thats why people like you wont be able to kiss 3 women in the mall no matter how much women you approach in two hrs like our video ‘Stranger Kisses 3 women in a Mall”. There are things to minimize the ‘numbers’ game.

  24. Rodney Rhodes says:

    I give you permission to try african, and african american women they are programmed by the same system as the rest of the woman if you really believe in your system or really understand it………get on it i guarantee it will work oh and by the way i know you filter out the women that truly blow you off just like the fishing show……the methods work at every level your working on the 2nd level if there were such. if you really want to show what happens go all the way. show your failures.

  25. KlingDing1 says:

    JAMA JUICE. Just a question, what do you “do” with these chicks that you pick up? Do you just sleep with them, and then leave it at that? Or do you go further and try make them your gf’s, or…?

  26. kenx213 says:

    You may have a 6.8 average, but at

  27. SubotaiMongolia says:

    if girls in this video will give a plain guy like him a 8 or 6, i can understand why the Belgian girl in the club rates me as 9.5 and the “most handsome oriental man she has ever seen”, seriously…i guess they are all damn fake….

  28. SubotaiMongolia says:

    i mean no offence but you are not even good looking yourself

  29. SubotaiMongolia says:

    who are you to give him the rating?

  30. Andrew Croft says:

    2:03 Look how when he teases them all three girls stroke their hair at EXACTLY the same moment. There’s some deep psychology stuff going on there people

  31. magicman33221 says:

    this video prove fortune favorites the bold, because you got better result than expected

  32. KapteinSnotlap says:


  33. XxDEFLESHEDxX says:

    Get some nice glasses with a FRAME, wearing those typical asian glasses without a frame just does not look good on anyone.

    Also, get a nice hair cut, have your hair grow a little longer. Or a little shorter, that in-between thing is not optimal.

    If you changed those 2 things, you would instantly get you 1-2 more points.

    Having said that, we do need some really handsome/cool Asian actors being featured in Hollywood films, etc…

  34. Charlie Emmanuel says:


  35. lsotelo11 says:

    10/10 Would bang

  36. JerryLiuFilms says:

    Thanks, bro!

  37. JerryLiuFilms says:

    Some want to be politically correct. That’s inevitably what happens when in front of a camera :)

  38. tvrulz46 says:

    thats not to say this guy isnt cool, but 8….

  39. tvrulz46 says:

    LOL these girls are such liars

  40. JerryLiuFilms says:

    Very true!

  41. Vulcan Ire says:

    If only we can see a little number over the heads of the opposite sex on how they would rate us that no one else can see, everything would be a lot easier.

  42. 7thArrowofGod says:

    BRO this was good. I subscribed only because of your strong desposition when people where giving you 5’s 4’s and 6’s AND the fact that you asked people WHY. Thats another level.

    You got me subscribed. NO doubt.

  43. Alan LaoTakraw says:

    dude i ‘l give u a 10 man ur awesome

  44. vegeta6476 says:

    f these stuck up bitches man

    would bang

  45. fangcheng chen says:

    looks don’t mean shit if your personality sucks, for a man, it’s all about confidence and persistence, etc. good work

  46. JerryLiuFilms says:

    Thanks man!! Anyone can become his/her best. It just takes a strive to improve, and an attitude of “not giving a fuck.” I’m still a long way there, but every day, I get closer. You can get there too. Keep on loving, and keep on taking risks every day!

  47. lsotelo11 says:

    Respect to you man… good job keep going

  48. ajseb says:

    Props for being an “alpha asian male”. Alpha meaning being assertive and confident while disregarding what everyone else thinks of you. I wouldn’t even do this while being intoxicated or drunk. 10/10 for me(no homo) just for “not giving a fuck”. Respect.

  49. nirson123 says:

    would not bang

  50. tim halford says:

    New way to pick up girls. Ask them what they rate you, and the one who says “8” or “9”….ask them out right there.

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