How to meet more Women (“pick up artist” on the Dr. Phil show)
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20 Responses to How to meet more Women (“pick up artist” on the Dr. Phil show)

  1. GpbeatzOfficial says:

    He playing the game with easy mode because of his good looks xD

  2. hazeces says:

    Agree! Plus in Downtown, NY ? Any guy looking, and dressing like he does can get lucky hitting on girls around the city. Specially in NY, where there’s lots of freaky girls.

  3. MmaNcovers says:

    agreed dude.. this guy looks like a male model.. The confidence helps, but so do his looks..WHen you look like that, you can be confident and cocky and get away with it.

  4. MrKennyiskickass says:

    Also, about the number Mardeep “scored”. When he asked her for her number she said “uuuuuuuuuuum” before answering, if she was into him she wouldn’t of had to think about it. Secondly, when she told him she was going home she started the sentence off with “to be honest”, which would mean she’s most likely lying.

  5. MrKennyiskickass says:

    He’s already good looking but he’s right about the whole confidence thing

  6. RicKuklinski says:

    What a sexual predator! That was sick!

  7. JigabooCummin4U says:

    id say his confidence level is what gets him pussy not just because he is handsome but because he is very confident and good with his words

  8. TakeMySoulBitch says:

    Whats his name ?

  9. TheZoelzer2 says:

    2:15 lol shit my wife might be watching.

  10. N1nG1nJ3r says:

    Troll :P n1 lmao

  11. enterdreamtime says:

    my nigga!

  12. musicduct says:

    Yeah it’s easy…when you got the looks ;)

  13. Painx17 says:

    When the doc said something that made him look back,i love his responce yo.

  14. Brad Jones says:

    That guy’s 100% right. Like he said, men shouldn’t put women on a pedestal, they are human beings like you and me.

    Just look at the reaction of the (female) audience when Dr. Phil quoted it. Those women look vivid and upset, but they just misinterpreted the quote. They know the guy talks sense.

  15. 123Anewme says:


  16. gunisha14 says:

    @iwhreko yeah i like some of his videos BTW! if want a killer method this is it –>

  17. MrWorldFAMOUS says:

    When you got the look it’s sooo much easier, but if not you are going to need STRONGER techniques. He tells you want but not how, pick up lines don’t work as well as personality! I used the techniques on this blog wwwOnline-Dating-How-To.comm That are FUN and work VERY well. You don’t have to read a whole book to find out how, lol.

  18. Lockjaw95 says:

    It worked for Nardeep….

  19. SuperCherry619 says:

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  20. iynmouth1 says:

    and ur a fagget lol 

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