How To Get ANY Girl’s Phone Number

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24 Responses to How To Get ANY Girl’s Phone Number

  1. OdstJh says:

    this only works if you’re moderately attractive

  2. Shkelqim Jairi says:

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaha i love you howtobasic

  3. Adrian Sing says:

    I want to see a black guy try this.

  4. xyoco says:

    en otros paises no se puede hacer esa, todos pensarian que es para robarselo

  5. MrMladen98 says:


  6. xba39a says:

    try it on ARAB girls ………………….

  7. hotgirlsarehot says:

    Ah, good ole’ irony. Oh, how I love thee.

  8. Hmed Nk says:

    amazing lol i will try it

  9. Jared Lewis says:


  10. MostDopeMartian says:

    “Uhhh, can I borrow your phone” Lmao, he didnt know what to do!

  11. isabear2000 says:

    Lol huh so funny

  12. epicherooftime says:

    Neon green spandex at 3:10 is totally erection provoking holy shittttt

  13. MiniMinotaur says:


  14. Aquila Sol says:

    Uhhuh, good luck with that. “Number Withheld”.

  15. nickeludde says:

    Ummm can i fuck you soon?

  16. Selhan Bozoğlu says:

    Türkiyede yapsak böyle şey döverler amk

  17. PetitBarez says:

    Hhaha! Good one ;-)

  18. Matthew Donnell says:

    Fricken Genius!!! How well this might actually work

  19. channeldennis says:

    good one howtobasic

    when does a new video come online?

  20. TheTankMan33 says:

    genius !!!

  21. HowToBasic says:

    Hmmm yeah this method works sometimes, but it is far more effective if you simply walk up to a girl and smash an egg on her forehead then take her number by force.

  22. Beware TheAnonymous says:

    Lol no wonder girls didn’t lemme borrow their phones :(

  23. TheFlamingPotatoDude says:

    DAMN these guys are playas!

  24. Amelia Gardens says:

    it was sweet how most of the girls seemed flattered.

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