How to flirt by tickling- it’s powerful, trust me! (flirting tips for guys) – In this video, I’m going to talk about tickling. . Free Video Series tells you the 1-2-3- steps to have practically ANY girl wan…

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25 Responses to How to flirt by tickling- it’s powerful, trust me! (flirting tips for guys)

  1. vyasaable says:


  2. simon mariejeanne says:

    sigh,, yeah, it works, but i never liked this whole code language of talking to women, .. its so fake and retarded that i never got feelings for a girl once i scored…why cant it just be a simple “i like you, and you like me, lets go do something for fuck sake”

  3. Alexis Rae says:

    No offense, but HOW THE HECK?! I hate it, but I so wish I was you… >:(

  4. Katie Cramer says:


  5. Drrck11 says:

    I so want to tickle you :D

  6. SawneekGaming says:

    exactly…i was owned on the basketball court by my old crush and tickled for the ball,pushed down,the ball stolen and shot in for an easy 5 points,me and the girl on top of each other laughing…only i was slapped on the back.And to add insult to injury someone was screaming”SEX ON THE COURT!”.

  7. Zachery Siers says:

    can i tickle you?

  8. vyasaable says:

    lets see..from this conversation we learn that TickleChampion or someone with a name like that is a moron…anyways can we see fabiola get tickled? you know for demonstration….

  9. demigodof9 says:

    Personally I use tickling as a sign of affection. Its highly respectful and fun.

  10. FootkisserUTK says:

    That’s TickleChump’s M.O. He thinks ALL girls are ticklish and completely incapable of tickling anyone else, especially men. Nothing you say can convince him otherwise. It’s the same way with the Moon Landing and other people: No matter what you say, they cannot be convinced and will deny it in the face of all evidence to the contrary.

  11. xXGen0Xx says:

    I’ll tickle you whenever like Indiangirl ;)

  12. Angel Pink says:

    i love being tickled! lol..

  13. Redin Herel says:

    8 out of 10 girls? Nah way everyone is ticklish somewhere…

  14. mariah letowt says:

    it sounds like she is saying tinkling

  15. JamesSimons13 says:

    real smart girl ;yeah right ihave an idea ,come here an i,ll show you how to do it real goood.

  16. TickleChampion says:

    of course you were sarcastic with the vid.. girls dont use tickling and get it from guys for flirting purposes.. its only after knowing for a while.. post flirting..and the girls cant tickle the guys.. and most guys dont care to tickle anyway.. they only do brief touch in that nature to elicit sex touching.. which is stupid, because girls dont care to be tickled for that.. working to teach the dudes how to do it right.. and of course all girls agree with me that the’d have me tickling them right

  17. Jeff Allen says:

    Hey talking2girls wat if the u r dating the girl and u try to tickle her and she ignores it. And tickle champion guys r ticklish i should kno im a guy and hav been tickled by my gf on my stomach.

  18. talking2girls says:

    I was being sarcastic….

  19. TickleChampion says:

    You are very welcome my friend!  we’ll set up sessions with you if you like sometime and teach you some real tactics on the subject in person..we’ll even let you try some of the control and show you why it dont work for girls.

  20. talking2girls says:

    Good to know – thanks! :)

  21. TickleChampion says:

    you cant talk about sickling when you dont have a clue about sickling(tickling)… knowing you and your girlfriends.. ALL girls are ticklish..and they dont care about tickling as flirting.. girls dont want you to tickle them to flirt.. get REAL… tickling is for ones you know. and only when you know what you doing..thus why girls cant tickle and ALL girls are ticklish

  22. usmc2076 says:

    but i like getting slapped by hot women…..

  23. TickleChampion says:

    its no trick at all

  24. TickleChampion says:

    Yes i’ll bet you any day of the week… and you lost before you started because I already proved i’m Correct.. so watch and learn..and you LOST the bet!

  25. TickleChampion says:

    you do fake.. you are easily ticklish.its not any trouble getting you like dont have to fake it like you do

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