How to approach a Girl – Dating Advice Pickup – How to approach a Girl – Dating Advice Pickup. How to get a girlfriend. Finding a girlfriend is very important for the…
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Hot Girl Dating Tips free dating tips and relationship advice.
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3 Responses to How to approach a Girl – Dating Advice Pickup

  1. lowfatlatte0 says:

    I love how you decide to judge men on how they approach you :D. Well done
    you are officially a first impressionist who bases relationships on how
    good someone is on picking you up… well done loser.

  2. Cody Woods says:

    I love your sense of humor. What country are you from? I really liked the
    accent. Thanks for the tips. I saw another one of datingrulez’s videos
    about breaking the “nice-guy” syndrome. That’s what im going to have to
    work on, but well see what happens.

  3. Dima Brilenko says:

    Решила просветить баранов как пикапить подруг

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