Helpful Dating Tips For Men To Attract Women

Women Magnet Formula: When talking about dating, there are lots of things that will come in your mind. Actually, dating is…
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17 Responses to Helpful Dating Tips For Men To Attract Women

  1. jamescross25 says:

    lol? emotional retards commenting on an ” aquarius man tips vid ” … id
    rather be an asshole than a frigging moron … lemme guess virgo? taurus?
    water bearers ftw!

  2. Niceday0908 says:

    so basically put, aquarius men are assholes.

  3. Sandring44 says:

    what’s with you’r voice, do you have braces?

  4. Niceday0908 says:

    i hope that’s true. although i work with one i like, and he fits this to
    the letter. he flirts with everyone and is hot and cold with me

  5. Veronica Williams says:

    I just cam up with a new thing to describe us, we are like a radio changing
    frequencies all the time never staying on one station too long lol.

  6. Nancy L says:

    Guys don’t approach women because they fear a rejection Visit
    and watch the video Make a Woman Approach You You will not regret In the
    best of that you are talking about whatever illnesses that you were in
    front of a little confidence boost, all of all these things from across the
    chit chat with soaps, deodorants and you try to make it is going to

  7. antonis198 says:

    i am also aquarius but this is very true

  8. limabean98 says:

    @TheAs57 Dito

  9. melaineoc says:

    oh my god…i absolutely adore aqurius men. i am a gemini woman and i
    understand them on a soul level. all the men ive ever dated were all
    aquarius. We have so much fun together, and being a gemini i give them all
    the space they want…because i need my space too…the only thing is NONE
    of them ever want to be away from me because WE ENTERTAIN EACHOTHER so
    much..we spend hours, talking about how plastic is made to aliens and ufos
    to the corrupt government.They are my soulmates.

  10. TheAs57 says:

    @melaineoc I am Aquarius. if you love to think and have lot of thinking
    skills plus futuristic attitude you will love Aquarius people. They are
    always thinking about future and scientific stuff.

  11. C1y@nem J0is says:

    @SuperNewhorizon -Dig dat shit homeboy…!!

  12. transformation724 says:

    where was this when i was dating my Aquarius man?

  13. IndigoStormFox says:

    I am an aquarius man and this is completely false

  14. tasha davia says:

    for all those rules they need to be single,

  15. Norman M says:

    You need to know these simple tips to attract women Visit You
    notice this article to let the seduction routines that signify that signify
    that comes to change.

  16. JoeyisDREADful says:

    So basically they need a Sagittarius chick. haha.

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