Girls Giving Pick Up Tips To Guys

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25 Responses to Girls Giving Pick Up Tips To Guys

  1. Isaac Witherspone says:

    Guys, it is not a dog bowl. Lol

  2. Leroy Jenkins says:

    What women say they want and what they actually want are completely
    different things.

  3. Jafar Mohsen says:

    the girl at 2:18 is hot 

  4. misterkyler says:

    That girl in the pink shirt has a hot haircut.

  5. vjm3 says:

    Man that Jamaican girl is turning me on. I want to lay pipe and fuel her
    turbines she’s so damn sexy.

    Tight vagina bitch whisper it in my ear.

  6. Livello 100 says:

    Isn’t this video by Cupid Shmupid?
    It’s not on his channel anymore!

  7. e mily says:

    the girl with the floral pants had sass

  8. YouTubbingGeorge says:

    Bet I’d know what to do with the tongue on her.

  9. Alexandro Pacheco says:

    Dude you are an idiot.

  10. packetpirate says:

    Anyone else think the girl at 0:50 resembles and sounds a bit like Jodie

  11. reyshakquit says:

    I will googolo it! :D

  12. DoU EvenLift says:

    the first girl with the brown jacket & green shirt with the white flower
    pants has got a cool ass personality, that’s something you don’t say about
    a girl everyday lol

  13. boobez89 says:

    bitches are crazy

  14. Zenon Pała says:

    What to get?! It’s simple as fuck women are emoctional… all you need to
    know. Get them difirenent emotions but drama and comedy. Be MAN!! That the

  15. James Case says:

    The black chick is funny as hell

  16. ChurchNewCreation says:

    Jamaican girls scares my penis

  17. Big Len says:

    Why do you keep taking your sun glasses off, and then putting them back on?

    It`s sunny all the way through, KEEP THEM ON!!

  18. Justin Rubalcava says:

    god that first girl

  19. AstronautSpaceCake says:

    this was just last night. rofl

  20. Warriorwithin says:

    I have a question: where is this place?

  21. scratur YO says:

    2:49 GOOGLOO IT pff

  22. ReallyRedPanda says:

    The gal in grey at 1:30, fucking hell she’s awesome

  23. Turn Your Speakers Up Playlist says:

    whoa that black chick lol, she def knows whats up ahaha

  24. ilicknans says:

    when people lie :/

  25. Johnny Ayala says:

    how tall r u dude?

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