Friday – Thomas Flirting Tips (or Why I Don’t Have a Boyfriend)

A guide to how (not) to flirt with guys online. It was a little bit rushed because my sister has never seen Mean Girls and I have to rectify this ASAP. Be su…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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18 Responses to Friday – Thomas Flirting Tips (or Why I Don’t Have a Boyfriend)

  1. TheGlobalGays says:

    I like to tell myself it’s because I’m in such a tiny town, but once I go to university I’m sure I’ll still be single but with no excuses :P

  2. Shotgunryugan says:

    I’ll never understand why the cute guys never have a boyfriend in these collab videos XP

  3. Conor Shanahan-Kluth says:

    I miss flirting with you, bro. :(

  4. TheGlobalGays says:

    Yeah I always do weird things with my eyebrows. Particularly when I’m tripping over my words and stuttering and such. I’m very expressive with my eyebrows.

  5. TheGlobalGays says:

    I admit it didn’t occur to me until later the significance of having filmed my flirting video half naked xD

  6. TheGlobalGays says:

    Haha what an odd coincidence. And I assure you the chest hair was purely incidental. Really just more evidence that I can only flirt by accident :P

  7. TheGlobalGays says:

    Yeah it was until Sam went and beat me with his advice on how to get sex. lol

  8. TheGlobalGays says:

    @laserthebeam1 Thanks :)
    You’ll enjoy my next video then

  9. TheGlobalGays says:

    I would have come happily if you’d had candy, and candy is cheaper than a gun. I miss the good old days when I was woo’d and baited with candy rather than forced with a gun. Being abducted is such a CHORE nowadays.

  10. TheGlobalGays says:

    Yeah the advice was sure to be iffy. And thanks! :D
    The lighting isn’t what I wanted. I usually try to supplement with natural light for obvious reasons, but I had to make do since I was filming this in the evening.

  11. TheGlobalGays says:

    Thanks! I try my best :P

  12. TheGlobalGays says:

    While I don’t consider youtube a chat room, you are correct. There are corners of the internet where people are convinced I don’t actually own clothes, and they’re shocked if they ever see me wearing a shirt.

  13. Repossession01 says:

    I like the eyebrow action you’ve got going on.

  14. euell says:

    apparently flashing a bit if skin WHILE discussing the subject matter (flirting!) has good results … well done !

  15. jmillan1331 says:

    Love that yours was the dirtiest so far!

  16. josh newman says:

    Roses are red

    Violets are blue

    I’ve got a gun

    Get in my van

  17. z2u says:

    not sure about the advise,but great lighting – sound quality-and image quality

    and not to forget your beautiful image and personality

  18. JamaicaLaQueen says:

    I think you like the wearing little to no clothing bit of chat room advice. :)

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