Francia Raisa Gives DWTS’ Bristol Palin Some Advice

Francia Raisa may be pregnant on her hit show The Secret Life of the American Teenager, but there is nothing rotund about Francia’s ridiculously fit physique. Francia Raisa dropped by the new Body Factory on Sunset after an exhausting day on set to cool down and give Carbonated.TV the low down on her love life, Bristol Palin, and her own workout routines. Don’t be mistaken. She may be tiny in stature, but Francia has the curves and the tight core we all desire to have. Francia always starts and ends with cardio but devotes different days to different parts of her body during weightlifting. Carbonated.TV got some great tips to relay to Dancing with the Stars’ Bristol Palin from the former cheerleader and hip hop machine with mad swagger: loosen up and be a character…have fun! Francia also hinted at a sad ending for her recently engaged character Adrian though she coyly admitted she could not tell the details to a soul! Francia was also kind enough to break down her essential flirting tips to getting a guy. Ladies, it’s all about eyes and making your feelings obvious! Check out the video to watch Francia demonstrate. Carbonated.TV now has the dish on how to flirt, how to achieve an amazing body, and how to refuel after a workout. Only thing missing? Well, we may never be able to break down Francia Raisa’s hotness to a direct science, but we’ll try and get pretty gosh darn close!
Video Rating: 4 / 5 – Women have flirting signals and body language secrets that show if they are attracted to you. In this flirting how-to guide you will learn how to understand her body language and watch out for specific body language signs that she is trying to flirt with you. Reading a woman’s body language doesn’t have to be hard, and you can use this to your advantage.

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25 Responses to Francia Raisa Gives DWTS’ Bristol Palin Some Advice

  1. Bettye Pfeil says:

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  5. MsAnge3l says:

    Her eyes is big right? or small

  6. 104girlygirl says:

    I would so kill to have her body shape !!!

  7. kenolasco89 says:

    @Bmafia77: and of course what i said made no sense to you because you’re a total ignant. i can tell you’ll end up failing in life. sho shad. :(

  8. kenolasco89 says:

    funny how much people get worked up on youtube and the only way to express anger is by using obscene language and profanity. add more words to your vocabulary so i can take you seriously next time. :)

  9. feeberrybear says:

    @Kenolasco89 look bitch ur no better k ur the one saying shes horrible i dont think shed be winning awards and having millions of fans if she was horrible ur just plain stupud go fuck up u stupid ass whore

  10. Bmafia77 says:

    Fuck you because i don’t give a shit if a person i’ve never met tells me i’m immature because i know that. i’m a big fan of francia and i’ve got a right to say whatever the fuck i want to. i’m telling you right now what you said makes no sense because francia gets paid for being an actress so if you think thats she’s HORRIBLE everyone knows your wrong.

  11. bobshenix says:

    who’s baby she got?

  12. feeberrybear says:

    Kenolasco89 fuck up shes just a fsn bitch dont go hatin on her ur s fucking piece of dirty shit, u have no life k ur the one actin like a dumb bitch u dumb fuck

  13. kenolasco89 says:

    @Bmafia77: it’s so sad how ignorant and uncivilized some people can be :/

    and immature. disrespecting people you have never met and will probably never meet. that’s what you call an ignorant and immature kid.

  14. feeberrybear says:

    @Bmafia77 u goo girl and lolz heey its fiddolinni ur sooo true some ppl are stupid ass bitches

  15. Bmafia77 says:

    fuck u. ur nothing shes famous and has fans and doesn’t care what u say bitch.

  16. Bmafia77 says:

    fuck u i bet ur an ugly jealous piece of shit. if u can’t stand why click this? to get dissed by millions of her fans?

  17. Bmafia77 says:

    LOL FEE! it’s me rafozini :)

  18. feeberrybear says:

    I love her sooo much shes adorable and cute amd pretty and she has great eyes and lips she an amazing actress amd a nice person FUCK U HATERS!!!

  19. MaliciousNucca says:

    same here

  20. FCastillo000 says:

    she’s so fine.
    her eyes are gorgeous.

  21. crowdiz says:

    man im in love wit this girl …..

  22. Jessica Sexton says:

    Ha! I’d rather be pathetic than TWO FACED >:) How can you claim that you’re not saying you don’t like someone when you’re insulting them……? If somebody insulted me, I’d be pretty damn sure they didn’t like me… And can you please explain to ME where I’m being a “know- it- all” ? Look, before you respond to this, get YOUR facts straight and learn the difference between being a critic and constructive criticism. AND maybe learn to make a little sense when insulting someone.

  23. dale denton says:

    Clearly you all must be haters because Francia Raisa is a great actress.

  24. kenolasco89 says:

    i really don’t know how this went from me ONLY saying she’s a horrible actress to ALL of this. you’re pathetic. so sad. :( i never said i didn’t like her so how about you get your facts straight before you decide to sound all cool and “know it all” please refer to my previous comments and maybe read them like 20 times and tell where i say that i don’t like her and that shes not talented. i gave one critic. idiot.

  25. Jessica Sexton says:

    No videos, no pictures, nothing on your channel. If you don’t like her, why you watching this? Why do you feel the need to let the whole world know you don’t like her? You obviously ARE jealous. Coming from a woman who is also attractive but has NO problem admitting when someone is gorgeous and talented, grow some damn ovaries and stop denying it, you ARE extremely jealous. Francia Raisa is GORGEOUS and an amazing actress and dancer :)

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