First Date Conversations – Dating Advice(tips) For Men

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28 Responses to First Date Conversations – Dating Advice(tips) For Men

  1. Nancy Nove says:

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    and watch the video Make a Woman Approach You You will not regret And the
    real success, you are rich and not talk to you are some of personal
    assistant in character and increase your game.

  2. Nancy L says:

    Guys don’t approach women because they fear a rejection Visit
    and watch the video Make a Woman Approach You You will not regret Women
    need to make her feel that.

  3. Norman M says:

    Everything you need to know to seduce a woman Visit You
    ignore it is in order to be an actor to try and cologne.

  4. vdenich says:

    Hi Antonio. My question is somewhat related to what should a man wear for
    an evening date. I often see men wearing a nice dress shirt that would be
    worn with jeans hanging out. Is that an acceptable style. I’m a married
    guy, 43, is good shape if that is relevant to the answer. Your comments
    would be greatly appreciated. I love the videos. 

  5. Ethan Tsui says:

    11,00th view!

  6. Mario Rojas Custom Tailors says:

    Friday night is coming up, are you all set for you date?

  7. MDSguy says:

    nice you’re outside for a change!

  8. Real Men Real Style says:

    @MDSguy It was a nice evening – I shot a few others so you’ll see me like
    this a couple more times before I return to the black – or maybe I should
    lighten up the whole look?

  9. bonesey100 says:

    Modern family :-)

  10. honestjohnny23 says:

    @RealMenRealStyle Nice change of scenery and wardrobe. Should definitely do
    more variety in both areas!

  11. Tyler Patton says:

    Girls love cashmere!!!

  12. David SFC says:

    Good video/advice. Here’s my question: How about wearing fitted shirts?
    They look great but feel a bit constricting and then I look a bit tight
    (even though im in great physical shape.) I need to be comfortable but want
    to look fitted. I know women like the look of a relaxed man but like a look
    of a man being put together and not “done up”. Whats your take on that

  13. Real Men Real Style says:

    @honestjohnny23 Thank you!

  14. Real Men Real Style says:

    @macktheknife888 I would avoid a ghillie suit – those things scare people.

  15. macktheknife888 says:

    If he’s got a body like brad pitt he can wear whatever the fuck he likes.

  16. AmericanCheesePie says:

    Hi Antonio, great video. I always enjoy watching them and getting good
    advice. I wear a 34S jacket and I have a lot of trouble finding good
    clothes in the store in my size, and I’m really trying to improve my
    wardrobe on a low college student budget. Do you have any advice for
    finding decent clothes in my size, aside from looking on eBay or in thrift
    stores (which is very hit-or-miss)? Thanks.

  17. Joakim Tribual says:

    great vid! Im just curious,since your spouse is ukrainian,just what are all
    the ethniticities of your children?

  18. drew barrymore says:

    Guys the following what im about to say its gonna make you more confident:
    Wear soft materials like cashmere (in cold winter) or even a cashmere
    sportcoat, either way Antonio is right, check first about what your date is
    gonna be wearing but believe me when i say, women love the feel of soft
    materials :) a fitted V-neck cashmere sweater that looks like a shirt looks
    nothing but amazing ;D you can wear jeans or wool pants with it- chukka
    suede boots or dress shoes- thats my style :)

  19. d__brown says:

    seemingly, “normal guy” from wisconsin is hanging out w/ bulgarians and
    russians in chicago at high-end restaurants?. #undercover #spy

  20. Jack Jeffrey says:

    I like the change up in background, lookin good mate!

  21. Real Men Real Style says:

    @titusfeliciano91 Thank you sir!

  22. Real Men Real Style says:

    @RustArtRed Thanks you sir!

  23. Real Men Real Style says:

    @91Tribual American :)

  24. Real Men Real Style says:

    @avenancius Always great tips sir – appreciate you making my channel a
    better place to visit!

  25. Real Men Real Style says:

    @DBrownofdc Haha! Actually I’m married to a Ukrainian and the Bulgarian is
    a friends from college. His father is Russian, and since we focus on making
    sure our kids are bilingual I love it when I get together with my buddy and
    his family. And have you ever seen a Slavic woman? I always feel like I’m
    hanging out with supermodels:)

  26. Real Men Real Style says:

    @AmericanCheesePie The young man’s section in higher end stores is a great
    start – watch for sales – also, look to buy from Japan – smaller patterns.

  27. Real Men Real Style says:

    @moralyflexible Thank you!

  28. mo lee says:

    i guess u were gonna say ” opinions are like ***holes,everybody has one”
    correct me if i am wrong..

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