Fine Art of Flirting

Fine Art of Flirting

  • Become a “Natural-Born Flirt”
  • Flirting Secrets
  • Learn how to “charm”
  • 25 Ways to be the BEST Flirt
  • Be Alluring

Joyce Jillson, popular TV personality and outrageous flirt, shows you how to spice up the game of love — and intrigue everyone you meet — by finding and flaunting your most bewitching self. Sharpen up your flirting skills by discovering: * 25 ways to be a great flirt * how to create an alluring first impression * how to overcome the fear of flirting * how to flirt anywhere — at parties, on the job, while traveling, on the phone, in the car, at the health club * how to dress fetchingly * wher

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