Filipino Girls – Where To Find Beautiful Filipina Girls {Philippine Dating}

Filipino Girls – Find Out How You Can Meet The Most Beautiful Filipina Girls {Philippine Dating} – Yo…
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25 Responses to Filipino Girls – Where To Find Beautiful Filipina Girls {Philippine Dating}

  1. Jason Pearson says:

    a very tastely made video. Personally, i am in search of a Phillipino
    (filipino) wife.
    I would be very interested in exchanging skype addresses if possible.

  2. andy magier says:

    Well, Philippines is so far from Europe…but if I know any nice woman I’m
    able to travel there to marry her :-) ..Such a nice and religion those
    people are. God Bless

  3. cristimae28 says:

    Im also pilipina….. we really treasure the friendship, to be nice and
    have faith in GOD and also loving of family na :)

  4. Adam Alem says:

    they just cheap ppl

  5. yakore ya says:

    Give me this girls cell number and I’ll give you a thousand bucks!

  6. ronadinhoify says:

    I’d say, she surely is pretty

  7. Danny Viking says:

    For a white guy who dont want to work hard to get a woman, philippina girls
    are the best. But not all of them are cute and sexy. And they are best for
    white guys who like dark girls.

  8. iphone3083 says:

    Yeah tell me about filipinos!!! They are just after your hard earn cash!
    Nothing more!

  9. Ricky Salas says:

    Pretty video, pretty girl. Lookin good.

  10. jo goodes says:

    Guys that just want sex for a good time, or quick relief MAKE M E SICK! It
    doesn’t matter what looks they have, ( or any woman in fact) it was in
    their heart & their sole as a genuine human being. Women WE are not Horses,
    we are not objects & we are by far from a Wind up Doll or Robot. Get a
    life!! Grow Some morals! you deserve a kick up your ass or your the type
    that will end up with AIDS & spread the viral disease. Just as well your
    mate did not mention your Name GARBAGE

  11. cr7012302 says:

    wow – hot, hot, hot!

  12. dididaly12332 says:

    next time can you leave some contact details of the girls in your video

  13. John Sims says:

    Of course, some of these girls will just want your money. I understand that
    becaus a lot of them are reaelly poor and they think all us foreigns are
    really rich, which most of us ain’t.

  14. Ishaq Al-omari says:

    I am sorry, but I totally disagree with you and I categories this video as
    very offensive to those who are from Philippine male or female …. Don’t
    judge on a hole country just from one or even million personal experience
    or some stories being told ….

  15. kaka92927 says:

    Is that your girlfriend? She’s really cute and so hot too. What’s your
    secret to meeting such a nice lady as this?

  16. silvabaca says:

    Tell Me more about her… What is her name…

  17. AFF AMZ says:

    hmmm… nice video, more of the same pls

  18. Glenn McBride says:

    Really nice, what a hot little lady.

  19. messipro100 says:

    wanna, wanna, wanna have her!

  20. Frank Lambert says:

    I too have a Filipino girlfriend and I can vouch for what you say here.
    She’s really an excellent partner – we’ve been together for over 3 years
    now and every day is a dream come true with her!

  21. nhat honda says:

    No, not all money grabbing at all. Most of them are simple ladies just
    looking for a good partner in life. Filipino guys are often not good guys –
    they will chat on their partner and if she gets pregnant, often they will
    run away. Totally irresponsible, so it is!

  22. Sean Conklin says:

    I’ve heard a lot about Filipino girls and how good they can be. But they
    are not all good, are they. I do hear about some who will happily take your
    money and move on to the next foreign guy.

  23. ankeda100 says:

    where can I get in touch with this Filllipinas?

  24. kaka92927 says:

    want to meet such girls.

  25. mryupimawesomeify says:

    I’d like to meet these sort of girls too. Can’t wait to escape to the Phils
    – looks so good!

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